Spring Break Road Trip. Houston to Great Smoky Mountains NP 03/06-03/14


Back just in time to avoid everything being closed. If things are better for travel, I'll be doing this in late July.
Finally made it back home yesterday in good time. It was a nice and simple ride.

On my way home, I stopped at a cracklin place in Lake Charles. I highly recommend to try. They have smoked cracklin and seanoned and spicy. Both were my first time to trying them and they were quite good. The seasoned and spicy does not have that hard shell on the normal cracklin. So, you do not have to worry about hurting your teeth. It was really flavorful.

Oh, and when in New Orleans, remember to grab some pralines from here. All I can say to it is YUM!

Page 1 has my starting odometer.

This is my ending odometer after filling up gas today. So, my trip was 2,264 miles and it cost me exactly $426.52 in gas. I was lucky gas prices were cheaper or it would have been a lot more.

And that is all for my Springbreak road trip.

I hope I get the chance to do another trip again this year. It is such a good experience to be on the road and then meeting complete strangers at some destinations and getting to know new random people.


Very cool. Thanks for documenting and sharing. This is an area I want to explore more, including Tail of the Dragon. But that might necessitate taking the fun car and leaving the exploration vehicle behind...


Looks like a great trip. At work checking it out because I'm "essential" WTH. Going to wait and share with the wife this evening. We vacation in that area a few times a year. Always good to see something we missed so we don't miss it when we go back.


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I just read your trip report. What a great trip. I came on here specifically to see if you had anything new, since I really enjoyed last years RockyMountain trip report. I would like to do both of those, and perhaps will have the time this fall, since my other vacation plans have been cancelled.
I am in the Austin area, so would take similar routes to what you did.


Good informative trip report, looks like you had great time.

Thanks for posting up - enjoyed reading that and looking at all of your pics, made me hungry for food and for travel.

Look forward to reading about your next trip (y).