SPEN Trailer Resto-Mod (warning- lots of pics)


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A little progress

Can't work outside lately with all of the rain and snow. But did finally get the floor of the tub in. Had to cut it to size with the Plasma. Worked pretty good using an angle iron as a straight- edge.

Tub is squared as good as I can get it. It's off about 1/16th. Welded in some D-Ring tie downs too- thought that would be simple but it was a bit of a challenge. Welded shut some of the holes in the tub and leaving some.

Sorry for the pic quality, it was dark outside. The angle and 1/8" floor are over kill and the things is HEAVY now. But it's what I had to work with, so it's what I used.

Ordered a few parts to rebuild the axle. I had decided to just replace it, but gave it another look and think I can rebuild instead. Hopefully this weekend I'll get the axle back under the frame.



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Frame done, lights installed and working. Welded tub shut. Just ended to finish body work, paint, mount tub.

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a late follow up

been out of commission for a year . . . but getting back in the saddle- slowly. thought I would post a few pics with updates- i have come a LONG way, but still a long way to go!


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