Sleeping bag or duvet?


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down comforter for us. works when warm and also when in the 20's. way easier to pack than sleeping bag too.


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Sheets and a blanket, just like at home. If it’s cold, the sleeping bag gets unzipped, laid out flat, and goes in between the top sheet and the blanket. Repeat as necessary when the temperature continues to drop.


You're car camping... er Overlanding... use whatever is most comfortable for you that you have room for. Keep the overly specialized compromise driven camping gear for Boy Scouts and backpacking. Nothing ruins a good trip like a sh!tty nights sleep.


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I am a big guy across the chest and also a fat ass. I never fit in sleeping bags well but when it is really cold they do seem to work better. I finally broke down and bought this two person bag for myself. It is so nice to be able to turn around an move around unhindered. The bag also completely unzips into two separate halves so you can use it as just a blanket or give a whole separate blanket to another person.



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Sleeping bag when backpacking or it's really cold, otherwise sheets, cotton blankets in summer and wool in winter, sleeping bag opened up to make a duvet, some combination of all of the above- it all depends on where I'm going and the weather. There's always a Mexican blanket or surplus wool blanket in my truck year round. I'm broad through the chest and shoulders (and unfortunately a bit more through the middle as I've gotten older), have big feet, a side sleeper and I move around a lot in my sleep so I hate mummy bags even though I own a couple. I miss my old school green canvas Coleman rectangular bag with the wool blended whatever it was for insulation and the red checkered flannel lining. Always comfortable to climb into, roomy, made a great floor covering to sit or lounge on in the back of the truck or tent and apparently tasty to one of the dogs I used to have. I wish I could find something similar- anyone know anything about the Cabela's bags? I hate Bass Pro and what they've done to Cabela's brands.....

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Thanks for the info, I have purchased a Robens coulee 11 sleeping bag which unzips into a duvet, when zipped it has a great amount of room and rectangular not tapered. The fabric is very soft and not cold to the touch and not to bulky either.
I’m currently on an overland in Chamonix France and actually In bed with the bag writing this!
really is a great bit of kit!(y)


We’ve used 100% down comforters for years. Random models off Amazon. The key is that it has to be real down, and 100% of it. No substitutions of anything. Works just as well in the summer as in the winter. Way, way more comfortable than a sleeping bag setup.