Ski Bum Truck V2.0, F450 Rough Road RV


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I don’t know how the LSD works in the big trucks but on my old Mustang GT with the 8.8”you wanted less friction modifier for less slip. Drag race guys would run no modifier, but this comes with “chatter” with street driving.
For street driving it called for conventional gear lube plus the modifier. With some synthetics you didn’t need the modifier.
This one is helical vs a friction pack. I think it needs a little traction to work. At least that's what my googling seemed to point to. On ice it's just useless

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Yeah, not much helps on ice besides chains or studs. I have seen 4x4s spinning all 4 wheels on flat icy parking lots.
ACME tanks have a float in them. I believe its magnetically coupled to the gauge, but it may be a thru tank float. Not 100% sure.
The gauge just have a 0-90ohm sensor in it. I am sure its not real accurate, but close. My tank is big enough I fill it every couple years.

Ah thats really cool. Just did a bit of research. Looks like a bunch of horizontal tanks have built in gauges that rotate a magnet to move the indicator arm. There are sending units like that, that just snap onto existing, non electric gauges.