Show us your Toyota 4runner, tacoma or truck.


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You running any locker on yours? I go back and forth between building out the Tundra and building out the 4Runner, and also getting a Jeep and building that out #issues
I am not yet. Probably next year and will regear when I do them.
That is a tough choice. For me the tundra is the right size and comfort for the three of us. The other thing to consider in the tundra is how you are going to keep your gear dry with limited interior storage options. (Hence the RLD canopy)
So something like a t4r May make more sense. Decisions decisions. Ha


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I miss my jeep but glad we went with the 4Runner last time around.

Another option to consider is the K9 rack, various lengths, all aluminum, T-slots so can bolt anything to it, plus lot accessories. The rack is one piece minus the feet and rail, which is a bonus as it doesn't allow it to shift or loosen up.

I run the full length rack, no drilling into the roof, and its held up to a 250 lbs roof top tent plus gear for thousands of off road miles, Moab, Ouray, plus OR, ID, WA, NV, CA. with out a whimper.

Distributor is out of Utah and usually has stock on hand.

I’m a big fan of UpTOP overland myself so there are lots of options. Similar functionality as you mentioned, all aluminum, t slots and tons of mounting options. Made in CO about a 2-3 week lead time in contrast.

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Long-time reader of Ex-Po just getting back into this after a few years. Until recently, I haven't had a project vehicle for a while but have appreciated all the ideas and tech here. It's been a great site for daydreaming and brainstorming.

I had a 1996 T100 for almost 20 years and a quarter of a million miles---SAS, 37s, air lockers, FROR full float conversion, on and on. Time, money, and space finally conspired against me, and I sold it. The photo below is about 6 months after that. I warned the buyer MTs were not a good commuter tire for the Seward Highway in winter, so he replaced my Pitbull Rockers with the set of the Toyos you see. Go figure.


On a pretty tight budget after letting go of the T, I spent several years pushing (punishing?) a reconstructed 2000 Rav4 to its limit---stock, no mods other than four zip ties holding in the grille, a fly patch velcro'ed to the headliner, and some milk crate storage.


It started to really tire out this winter, though, and I wanted back into a Toyota truck. I found this well-cared for, slightly mod'ed, and reasonably priced 2007 Tundra a couple of months ago and pulled the trigger---5.7, standard cab, 6 ft bed, SR5, 4 in lift, rear airbags (manual), 35x12.5 ExoGrapplers (also not great commuter tires, but at least they're 3-peak rated and studded; back to Nokians next winter), Fab Fours bumper (meh, kind of a boat anchor but will take a winch readily). New beginning.

First thing I need is a recovery system...actually, the first thing I need is rid of the Clemson decal in the back window. From there, we'll see. There's lots on the list besides recovery gear and replacement decals---airbag controls in the cab, gears and lockers, snorkel, better sliders and skids, a habitat of some kind, whatever else I haven't thought up yet---although, it won't be terribly quick. My budget still isn't so solvent that I can just kit this thing out in one fell swoop. Plus, I'm still cool with tenting it in bear country, and as-is this will get me back into some old fishing holes I haven't been able to reach for a while with just the Rav---priorities.

Long-time reader of Ex-Po just getting back into this after a few years. Until recently, I haven't had a project vehicle for a while but have appreciated all the ideas and tech here. It's been a great site for daydreaming and brainstorming.
My wife and I love seeing fellow Alaskans on the site. Looks like the T had a wheel fall off or a lower ball joint failure. That Picture of the Rav looks like its just off the Parks Hwy just a bit north of Denali Park and Kudo's on the New Tundra. I've always wanted one of the single cab 5.7. Less Weight, more power. We're in Fairbanks. Cheers!


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Good guesses! The T got ravaged fairly well---sideswiped by a minivan that was trying to pass on a curve, which tore a wheel off the rear and broke the long-side tube off the Dana. I got a call from the guy who bought it to come to the yard the next day and help determine what was salvageable, and it wasn't much after it slid to a stop in that turnout. I'm pretty amazed no one got hurt. The Rav is up Windy Creek off the Denali Highway right before the trail turns right to contour around the valley, a few weeks before my buddy went up to do the bike hunt thing. I'm liking the Tundra a lot, but yeah, it's a lot of power to weight to get used to after owning 4 and 6 cylinders for years.

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