Show us your Toyota 4runner, tacoma or truck.


El Gringo Spectacular!
Summer in Baja can get really hot...I've done it in June in full moto gear (gore tex... a mistake). I'd think that'd be your primary concern. Roads are good...but still Mexican roads. The Mex 1 can be full of potholes and wash outs.

Security wasn't a problem for me. There's some interesting stuff going on in Los Cabos, but generally I try to stay out of tourist zones anyways.


Recommended books for Overlanding

The Alchemist, 25th Anniversary: A Fable About Following ...
by Paulo Coelho
From $10.47
We Will Be Free: Overlanding In Africa and Around South A...
by Mr Graeme Robert Bell
From $20
Overlanding the Americas: La Lucha
by Mr Graeme Robert Bell
From $20
Road Fever (Vintage Departures)
by Tim Cahill
From $7.49
So I'm one of those weirdos that have and enjoy Toyotas and Jeeps

Here's my 2002 4Runner and Fleetwood Neon popup camper...did a trip to Zion NP last year and SoCal last summer



Also just recently picked up a 2006 LJ for a trail rig! super excited about this one!

Here's when I bought it stock:


What it looks like after a few months of building it up: