Show us your Toyota 4runner, tacoma or truck.


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My 1985 Toyoter..

103k original miles, flatbed this coming summer, these pics were taken 3 years ago, bed now has a lot of rust in the usual spots...


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^^^ THat old abay's a BEAUT!!!!!!! @103K it's hardly even broken in eh!!!! Too bad about the bed rust, but a Flat-bed will be AWESOME. You should build an "Aussie-Esque" Ute-style bed with removable bed-sides and tail-gate. THat would be awesome.

Nice truck mate.



EDIT: Oh and lose those Rocker killers/NERF-bars before they wreck your cab, that's too nice a truck to do that too eh.


Awesome rigs here to say the least! Unique down to every nut and bolt, and each with their own great story, I love it. This is my first post and wanted to add to the Tundra fans here. I just discovered this site and now I'm hooked! A few trucks here I recognize from TS and TORRA, and alot of new ones. Well here she is, ready for some expo mods!:victory: