Real MPGs for your rig?


Just got back from a long trip after switching to 4.11 - San Diego to Crested Butte to Lake Powell and back. Best was 13.5, worst was 9.5 (trying to hold 85mph into a killer headwind on the 70). Mostly, I was just over 12. Fully loaded with gear and people.
For reference, the van got a record 15 mpg (once... usually 12-13) fully loaded, highway 75mph, before any mods.

2007 5.4L Extended E350 Wagon, ~5" lift, 33" Cooper ATPs, 4.11 D60, 92k mi
I got 15 mpg, ONCE. Was on boy scout campout, and our convoy drove hundreds of mi @ 55mph. Van would prob still do 15 mpg @ 55, but "I Can't Drive 55!!"


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2004 Sprinter 416(3500 dually) with 2.7T Diesel.

-Green Diesel Engineering Eco-tune
-Tires 6" large than stock.
-Roof box and 14' of rack.
-often has TWO motorcycles on the back.

20-22mpg in town and 25mpg highway. This is often skewed because it has a diesel furnace and coolant preheated. In ththe cold months I run the furnace a LOT as I roam around twitch my 2yo and dogs on daily adventures. (Hiking, museums, skiing, etc) Often spending the whole day in/out of the van.

When not in the Sprinter we are in the Eurovan Westfalia. (Sone to be diesel and 4wd) Currently a 12v VR6 and lifted.

17 in town and 20-22 highway.



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E350 v10 4x4 Winnie, 8 is about average if I stay under 65, I got 9 once when it was all flat, every time I drive there is a pass or two involved. Rig is about 12k lbs

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2011 E350 5.4 2wd 12 pass standard van. Just bought 9 days ago. Did a Fla-La-Ark-Fla trip. Lots of highway, grades, city, and quite a bit of creeping around checking out potential houses. 3.73, 225/75/16s, 87 oct gas returned 17.2 mpg average for this trip. Other than the major power drop from my '01 7.3 Excursion 2wd I'm very happy.
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2006 E350 w/ 5.4 Triton. 2wd with Camburg's "Baja" kit. Running 285/75/16. Getting about 12 combined. I'm thinking around 14 on the hwy, and 11 or 10 around town depending on how heavy my foot is. MPG might get a little better with a rear end re-gear, but not sure what I'm gonna do back there yet. I believe that I have 3.73 in there right now.

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1992 G3500 HD reg, Quigley 4x4, 350 (5.7), 265/75/r16 BFG AT's, and a high top

10 mpg worst around town with 2000 lbs cargo
12 mpg average
14 best on a highway trip (had 2000lbs inside as well)



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1998 Ford E150 Club Wagon, 4.2 V6. 15.5 MPG combined. Verified by hand calculating the past 27,000 miles. A lot of the miles were driving over high mountain passes, gravel roads, and lots of short trips around town. It does not do much better on the freeway nor much worse around town.

1999 Subaru averages 20.5.

We just purchased a 2004 E350 6.0 PSD. It sucks diesels around town. The highway mpg looks great. Need more verification.


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1999 100 series land cruiser. 295/75r16, 4:88 gears. Over 8000# of beastliness. Carries 75# of fuel, RTT the whole 9 yards. Avg 10-13 mpg.

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Ouch... 7 would make me cry. On a bad day I'm looking at 11.5 mpg city with a 9000 lb rig.
That kinda mileage would pay for a 6.9/7.3 non PowerStroke swap in short order. The 4.10 geared and carb'd 400Ms, 460s, Dodge 400s, and 454s were the worst guzzling motors I've ever driven esp when coupled to non OD, non lock-up automatics............but they got the same 6-9 mpgs regardless of what you are doing, and they last forever with minimal maintenance.
If she's just a driver and doesn't tow a heavily loaded trailer all the time, regearing to 3.5x or numerically lower, or an auxilliary OD unit can work if it does see big loads, can improve the gas station situation a bit.
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2004 Silverado 1500. 3.73 gears and 33's. 5.3L v8. 15.5mpg summer; 14.5mpg winter, no matter what i'm doing with it it stays there.