Post your Mitsubishi Pajero Pics


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I bought it in a Japanese auction, shipped it from Tokyo to NYC and drove it home to Vermont. It's a 5 speed, 2.5 turbo diesel with - get this - 77,000 km. That's about 48,000 miles on the odometer. New tires, new brakes on one rear wheel, cooling system flush, oil change and rechange, sway bar bushings and an alternator was all it needed. Not bad for a 25 year old truck. Not one speck of rust. Named it ATTILA.

I use it daily in rural mail delivery here in Vermont. So it's getting hard (but not abusive) miles right now and is proving to be completely reliable. I had a steel plate front bumper built and picked up a Smittybilt 9,500 # winch, which will get installed when mud season is over. That sounds a little counterintuitive, but as there is presently four feet of hard snow piled up between me and my garage door, it'll have to wait a bit.

Plan is to pick up 5 steel rims and summer tires (present tires are studded) and swap with the seasons.


I knew it would of struck a chord with you, it was basically just a long Mitsubishi commercial; the EVO part was pretty cool, too. In the early 2000s we used to joke that every Japanese person was forced to learn to drift because of scenes like that from the 90s, like how martial arts is forced learning in school over there.

Did you ever get to fix up that old Lancer?

One of my favorite movies.
Yeah, fun movie. It was on my 'must watch' list forever, I remember seeing the beggining several times but never finished for nearly a decade!

Watching movie now!
Jesus, I wish I had enough time/resources to work on my SR, this is nearly identical to what I had in mind, minus trimmed rear bumper. Unfortuantley my 2.5 is what I drive more frequently now.

Enjoy it, dude, she looks like a beast--the SR flares were the best out of all the Gen 2/2.5 variations!

I just got back from another run of the Mojave Road. I just added a new ARB 3434040 Pajero bumper and the ADD ADHD 2.5" suspension lift, although I'm still waiting for the new torsion bars. Thumbs up on the lift kit, though. I'm getting her re-geared to 4.9 and adding a ARB front locker in may. Woohoo!
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I bought my 1995 ls Montero with 138k on it for $2300. He was asking 2600 but the speedo did not work. Also the heater barely worked too. After a severe flush to get the antifreeze scrap out. Looked like dex cool and regular antifreeze were mixed. The speedo gear in the transfer case was toast. That was not easy to find anywhere. But the Monty is is rust free. New shocks. And I bought 5 new tires and a window. My wife orginanaly wanted the Monty but after she drove it and it was a slug. It does not like to go fast. I like the Monty. I came down the alcan hwy just fine with it loaded and a trailer. Slow but fine.


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AR23 wheels? What size tires, I think I'm going with those AR23s or maybe some baja wheels, my TE37 knockoffs were 106mm bore hub not 108 as they had in the ad. Sucks as I really like that wheel style, they looked tough as hell on Shakotan's 2.5 with 35s.
Yes, AR23. 32x11.5x15. I went with these to be just a little different.