Post up your drawer/storage system


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^Nice design. Any idea what final weight will be?
Hmm.. not sure yet. Base is probably about 15lbs? Each drawer is pretty portly right now. Once I'm done with them will judiciously break out the hole saw and lighten em up. I'm not super worried about the weight as I'm working on making some airbags mount in the rear. That will go a long way in making it work really well. I hope. ;)


Nice I have a few to many things on the to do list . Once i thin it out ill put pencil to paper and see what i need vs what i want.


Jeep Storage System

I started my Storage system today. Only managed to get the rear panels done. I plan to install a shelf that will be supported by the side panels for additional storage bins and cooler above the storage bins shown. Also the floor will have guides that will hold the bins in place during transport. The idea is that they will pull out onto the tailgate for access.



I decided to tackle this project based on a few ideas I've seen on Expedition Portal and elsewhere. There are no plans or documented measurements as I just designed this on a cocktail napkin and constructed in the parking garage of my apartment (0/10, wouldn't recommend). I chose to use doors, instead of drawers, to keep the cost and weight REALLY low. The current iteration weighs less than 40 pounds and can be remove in less than 2 minutes. I plan to add a detachable platform that will allow a full size air mattress to be used while camping, that should be the easy part. Most materials are 1/2" birch with some very strategic supports to increase strength but again, keeping the weight minimal. Would love to hear any feedback as this is my first attempt at wood working (I'm generally more comfortable with metal fab).

Thought I'd update this post with some finished photos. I took it out "Urban Camping" in LA over the last 3 days. Surprisingly LA has loads of campgrounds on the outskirts of the city that made this really fun.

Original position, with the rear seats up and cargo cover.

Fold seats down, move platform extension into place.

Inflate air mattress.

Enjoy the sunset and a quiet nights sleep, all without setting up a tent.


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Yeah, but I do not think you would need to use 3/4 to build drawers out of? Maybe on the sides for support, but that's it.

Then most guys/girls are covering their builds with carpet to hide the raw wood and some are painting them. If you figure in the weight of the carpet, the paint and the glue used to put the carpet down, it all adds up. If you got black starboard, you'd be able to leave it just like that and be fine.

For a set of drawers, I'd not worry about it much unless you're building them for a Prius :) Since most of us are loading our trucks out with camping gear, tools, coolers filled with beers, what's a few more pounds
backwards actually. Wood is very strong in compression vs in span. The vertical portions of a drawer system could be made with thinner material than the decking. My platform will be three longitudinal boxes / drawers, the widest of which will be 20". I'm planning on a 5/8" deck and 1/2" verticals. It will be plenty strong enough for my uses.


This is a storage unit build we are doing for the back of a Troopy. Almost done!

Left side storage for a Yeti cooler. Right side upper pull out cutting board. Pretty fun project!







Thank you! It's Baltic birch plywood. A mix of half inch and three quarter to try and keep weight down but still make sure its strong enough to be bounced and beaten around in the back of the truck while hitting some pretty serious trails.

The opposite side has a 74" long unit that serves as a bench and sleeping platform with a long pull out drawer. The drawer has a solid fixed divider in the middle and slots for optional adjustable drop in dividers. Flip up top allows for access to the contents while inside the truck.

This is my first time using the 60" drawer slides and they are pretty impressive.