Post pictures of your Land Rover.


Just BFG KO2s: 265 60 18 on the OEM wheels.

As for the trail, no clue. It's a few minutes from the house around Farmington Canyon (north of SLC).


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Decided to take the Rover out and play a little in the snow. Being in SoCal we don't get much, so even though it was just a dusting, it was still fun!
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Bought My First Land Rover Yesterday!!

After many years of dreaming of owning a discovery 2 I finally bought it! Along with this being my first post!
Land Rover 1.jpg
land rover 3.jpg
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Five seconds after it rolled off the delivery trailer. Diesel, 5-speed, 2-door - all the specs the US never got.
Undergoing a suspension refurbishment before SCARR next month.

Tell us more - is it a 1990-91 model with exposed hinges? Two door Range Rovers are a particular favorite of mine. Looks like cloth interior and no sunroof. Where did you get it from?