Post Pic's of your Jeep


Man, that really makes me want to get a V8 WJ for towing/carrying more payload. I love your setup.

Here's a recent poser shot of my attempt at a sub 4,500lb do-it-all, master of none, 4X4 with no roof rack or tire carrier. I need to get even more creative with interior storage so I can continue to carry a full-size spare, hi-lift jack, tools, and camping gear AND have the ability to sleep inside if desired (I'll mainly rely on a ground tent).

Right now, it's definitely more off-road oriented than overland, but it drives so nicely on longer trips and has AC, so...

pith helmet

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I thought you might like that ........ Too bad the N American vendor is so bad to deal with
Awesome. I guess I have seen a tan colored one online before; that added overhang is notable. Just 6” of height and 6” of length would change my Jeep world.