Post Pic's of your Jeep


Pulled the trigger this weekend. Dumped the old Mazda CX9 and got a 2018 JK Unlimited Sport. It's still a blank canvas. This is gonna be fun!
The 2018 RAM 1500 Bighorn 4WD will still be my main vehicle. This is going to be the family fun project and daily driver for the wife. 522356


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I’m back in the Jeep game. Lifelong wrangler owner, all two doors. This time I wanted something larger but budget doesn’t allow a 4 door, so I got this! Mostly barebones, but it’s got the 4.0 and part time transfer case. Best part is it’s an 03 with only 92k and full service records from new and it’s clean. The unibody underneath is still blue/grey which on the east coast is a big plus. Forgive the driveway shot, I’ve only owned it two days. I know nothing about these so still researching lift/tire/armor options, I’m on the wrong coast so long overland trips are not common, but we have excellent off road parks, so I’m probably going to set it up as dual purpose so it might end up taller then a typical expo Jeep 522976