Post favorite pics of your rig and trailer


Thanks muchly, we love it. The camper is not quite as robust as they claim, and I had never seen one. We went to the RV show with the intention of ordering a Rpod, and I came around the corner and fell in lust with this thing. I have had to do a fair bit of work over the last few years to build it more rugged for some of the Gravel roads we head down, with the intentions of two big destinations. the first is a Yukon/Alaska trip then a trip to Baja Mexico to camp on a beach (My beautiful wifes Dream) so I am slowly trying to improve it so it doesnt rattle apart
Totally agree! The biggest ruggedization we did to our R-Pod was put angle irons on the front to hold the walls down. Forest River has a tendency to cut corners and one of the biggest shocks was that they use 1.25" machine screws to hold the walls down to the floor. The angle irons solved the leading edge separation problem that plagues them.

Here's our setup during our summer adventure this year and ski camping.

Speaking of YK and AK, we did it with our 3 kids a few years ago and had this little gem that got us into the world of RV/trailers before we later decided we needed something larger (R-Pod).
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