Post favorite pics of your rig and trailer


Florida to Utah to SD to Wyomin'.

18 days on the road, 17 consecutive nights in the lil' trailer.

3921.1 miles. 5.5 of 'em on an interstate highway.

On the road in Texas …


Near Moab at the Dolores River Overlook …

20200923_E_Dolores River Overlook Camp.jpg

Kokopelli Trail, Utah …

20200925_D_Kokopelli Trail.jpg

Black Hills, SD …


Medicine Bow National Forest, WY …


Waltzing Matilda

After years of short-term, dry camping trips in a Callen shell- I've upgraded to a trailer for extended travel into Baja and beyond.
It's the smallest size (15' total) I could find that still has the amenities I wanted, and fits in the extended driveway (to avoid storage fees).

Like the Callen- this "FunFinder" has an all-metal frame and aluminum exterior to keep out dust and stand up to Baja potholes and washboard.
And unlike the Callen: I can stand up, cook, and even shower inside!
It has 2 propane tanks, and more water storage capacity vs. other designs, so should be good for longer, more remote travel.
Some owners add taller tires/bigger wheels and flip the axle for added clearance, but I'll wait to see how the "standard" set up works.

The concept is: If the road gets too rough, look for a safe place to set up camp, then use the truck to explore beyond the range of the trailer.
If I find a more remote campsite, I can still sleep in the truck for a night or two.

First trips will be local as shake-down, then plan to head south in early January- about the time the whales begin to arrive in the lagoons.

Truck_trailer Oct.png
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