Pictures of Expedition Motorcycles


Took some Veterans out a few weeks ago - started in the Eastern Sierras and ended on the western side.

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Great pics. Mind sharing a little more info on the location? That first Pic looks like the Walker River....?


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For sure - since guys were coming in from all over I had them met up in Mammoth for the first day/night. We left from there 395 north to 270 east (large, easy fire road) to Bodie. Went through Bodie State Park - didn't have to pay because we were just riding through - and took Bodi Masonic Rd (dirt/fire road) northwest to Aurora Canyon Rd (dirt/fire road) to Bridgeport. Quick lunch in Bridgeport and took 395 North to 108 west across the mountain range (that's the photo with the mountains/river) all the way to Mariposa, Ca where our non-profit has a place. Stayed the night and the next day we took the group on more technical, single-track trails up by Iron, White Chief, and Raymond Mountain (last photo) all off of Beasore Rd. Those single track trails are definitely not for newer riders, especially on GSA 1200s. Ha!
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