Pics of your VAN! Post up!


Maybe the last trip with my ambo? Went for a shake down run in the mountains to make sure everything worked well after doing all the engine works and she's a beast, so much power!

Great company, nice warm fire and the tarp/awning combo worked out really good! That waterfall was so close and powerful the blast coming from it felt like being in a car wash, lol.





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Nice Pic willywalderbeast.
I like that little Honda!!
Thanks! Yea I ditched the GS I had on the back and picked this little guy up. I carry it up front so we have easy access to all are rear storage now. And it’s the funnest bike ever to ride street or dirt!

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What is it? Looking to pickup something small like that.
Honda Monkey bike, 50cc. They made them in the 80's, and they just brought them back. You can buy a new one now.