Perfect off-highway tire = LTX? What?


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I am going with an aggressive AT for the next go around. Better in snow, better on the highway, won't fling friggin' boulders... might help mpg a tad too?
Yeah, I went to Duratracs about a year ago. They are pretty good in the snow I must say. And they were available in load range C, too. I think E is way overkill for a light truck.


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Family in Michigan runs these on all their SUVs its by far the best winter/summer tire regarding traction and over all performance.

However!!! I’m on the west coast and do lots of hot long trips in the summers talking 100-119 degree outside temps the pavement is even hotter! I found Michelins just don’t last long at all in my use / conditions. But!!!!! BFG tires and Michelins come out of the same manufacturing plant. I found the BFGs get a tougher rubber compound and do much better in my high temp region. So I tend to go BFG route vs Michelins on the west coast. BFG makes other tires besides KO2’s. However I liked my KOs on my J80. My 2019 Expedition isn’t a KO2s rig. But high probability it will have BFGs on it after the stock tires are done.

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In keeping with your sentence "The thing is, everyone who disagrees with the title of this post has every valid counterpoint and argument " i have to disagree with your conclusion for off highway uses. These tires came on my 2012 Ram when i bought it. Since they were brand new, i decided to just run them through their paces. Now dont get me wrong, michelin makes great on -road tires. First test...April Snow storm. 8 inches of wet april snow. My old truck (same crewcab shortbed diesel 6 speed, same size tires Big O At's at the same pressures) did not need 4wd to get out of the driveway. These wheel wonder. 2nd test with these tires was to hook on to my camper and head up outlaw canyon which is a red dirt /rock/ gravel road. Having towed this camper up this road before with my old truck(exact truck just 5 years older)and Big O At's, i felt it a good comparison. These tires required use of 4wd to keep forward momentum. my old Big O's did not. 3rd test. Summer mountain traffic up 4th of July. rock and gravel roads. Constant spinning out, sidewall chunking now evident. 4th test. summer rain storms: tires would hydroplane like nobodies business, and would lose traction, causing the dreaded Ram Traction control/ABS malfunction. Needless to say, these handle great on dry pavement, and are super quiet. i will be buying a second set of rims and a true- all terrain for everything aside from road trips
What are Big O At's?


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Interesting side note here, Kumho makes a tire that looks visually almost identical, LT versions have a 70k mile treadlife warranty and they bear the 3-peak mountain/snowflake emblem. And they're among the lowest cost tires in any given size in which they are offered.

I've had Kumho tires on 2 vehicles in addition to my wife's Mustang which is also on its 2nd set of Kumhos. Never used them on a truck or utility vehicle or anything off-road. But it would be interesting to objectively compare the Michelins with their obvious copycats. One noteworthy difference aside from retail price however is that at least in 235/75r15 (seemed like a good generic size to look at) the Michelins are made in the USA and the Kumhos are made in Vietnam.



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Interested in the different model LTXs and similar Michelin tires. I bought my truck with over sized LTXs but i'm not sure what submodel, i'll check tonight, put OEM sized tires on due to those tires being close to bald. New tires are the Michelin Primacy XC varitey, had them this past winter and was pleased with them, bought them as new take offs from a 2018+ f-150 with the wheels, compared to the Goodyear SRAs i had on a similar truck, these tires were much better in the snow, no issues this winter here in PA. Interested to see if the Primacy's are any good off the pavement

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Sorry to keep piling on but even these sidewalls are holding against fairly significant rock strikes. Hold up fine even on Radical Hill.

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Michelins are the worst tire I've run so far but to be fair that was prior to doing a lot of work on the front end. I might be willing to give them a shot if I weren't so happy with my Coopers.