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Just read through your whole thread and am totally jealous. Great photos from that phone you have. I absolutely love the canyon lands in that neck of the woods. Its been years since I've been there, but I can't wait to go back.

Do yourself a favor and stop in Bellingham, WA on your way up to the border. There is a great little bar called the Green Frog Cafe that is (last time I was there) dog friendly, live music every night (bluegrass most of the time), and an outstanding beer selection. They don't even carry the usuals (bud, bud light, coors, etc.). There is also tons of cool places that you can find to camp out for free.

Now, off to find a van big enough for the wife and I and our 2 daughters. Maybe the dogs too. Should I just buy a bus?
Bellingham is awesome....but then again I may be a little bias :). If you do end up stopping in Bellingham PM me a little bit before with what you are interested in and what you want to do. There is some good remote camping ~1hr east of Bellingham and of lot of other good outdoorsy type stuff to do. If my wife doesn't get pissed you may be able to park your van in our driveway for a couple days.

If you like beer make sure to also check out Kulshan and Wonderer breweries, we have around 6 breweries in town...


Update #13: South Rim of the Grand Canyon

So after Overland Expo I met up with someone to help build a bed platform in her van. Came out really solid and in a fraction of the time it took me to build mine.

After Flagstaff I made my way out to the south rim of the grand canyon. I met up with my friends from lake powell and some other friends of theirs. I didn't realize it was memorial day weekend until we already made plans. I was nervous about the crowds but we did a lot of stuff in the mornings before the hoards showed up. We boondocked on BLM rd 688 if I recall correctly.

There was a fire on the way out there.

Leaving flag in my mirrors...

The campsite

Tons of elk remains everywhere. Tigua would come back with a new piece every time I let him off leash. By the time we left I had almost a whole elk lol.

The first hike we did was the rim trail. It's about 7 miles and just goes along the edge of the rim. It's flat and mostly paved but I was super sore the next day. For some reason flat hurts more than inclines.

Bright angel trail, this is the hike we'll do next.



Trying to conquer my fear of heights. I didn't realize how much of an overhang this was until I got off and walked around to where my friend took the pic. oh man lol.

So the next day we did Bright Angel trail. We stopped by the mules to see how tigua would do with them. He was a bit hesitant for a split second, but then completely ignored them. Awesome, lets go.

I got permission to bring the dog, but that didn't stop a bunch of from telling me dogs weren't allowed on the trail. I wish they would give you a permit tag or something to hang on your bag so people know.

Going down wasn't bad at all. We had kind of an early start, but going up was ridiculous. SO many people and no one had any kind of trail etiquette. Blocking the whole trail or just taking it up. I ended up on the side of the trail with the dog going uphill just because people wouldn't step aside. :mad: The view was basically the same the whole way which made it kinda meh. We ended up only going to the first water station and turning around.




He did great as the mules passed.

Tigua bringing me more presents.

I kept hanging the pieces he brought in the trees. It looked like a scene from the devils rejects by the time I left.

Had a few campfire nights. Tigua listening intently into the conversation.



On the last day I drove into the park and took the desert view road out east to 17 and went down to Phoenix.

Made it to Mesa where it's triple digits.... only one thing to do at that point.

This morning I went on a hike called the wave cave in the supersitions area



getting barreled

So that's it for now... I'll be in the phoenix area until july. I might pop out to sedona and some other spots close by. Thanks for checking it out.

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Some really cool pics and adventures there Mr Volcom. I love the wide anngle shots. nice stuff... Cheers, Chilli...:wings:


A little mini-update:

Drove out to Roosevelt dam to check out the sights.

Went to see the diamondbacks play the rays yesterday.

Caught a foul too, it's been a while since that's happened.

mmmm mormon life

Heading to Sedona tomorrow for a week or so, then back to Gilbert to house sit until mid july. It should be a nice little break from the road and let me get some maintenance done on the van that I've been putting off for quite some time.


Awesome updates! I love the Grand Canyon area and Flagstaff. Last time i was there was in 2008, way too long ago. Also, some of those trucks from Expo area killer. A lot of money tied up in those.


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Sorry I missed you while you were in Colorado! If you make it back through that way again sometime and I'm actually home for a change, I'd love to show you A-Basin. One of my favorite places. So jealous of your travels man! Looks awesome!


Crazy we didn't pass one another, I was at a lot of these places April-May my trip reports on here too. Great pics and great trip so far look forward to following the rest. If you come through the NC Mountains I'd meet up with ya.

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