Overland XJ Build. Not my first Rodeo.....(video included)


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Greetings from Southern Alberta!!
The last 2 pages I read just made me realize that I watched your youtube video on your jeep build about 2 weeks ago! You and this guy " http://gojeep.willyshotrod.com/ " (has alot of really detailed information on his Jeep and the trailer he built, STRONGLY recommended, lots of great tips) are the top inspirations for my Jeep project!

Thanks for all your hard work documenting all of this!!
If your up in my neighborhood give me a shout!


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Adam, you may no longer visit (your) Thread again; but, just in case .... THANK YOU for your generous spirit in Carefully documenting and SHARING your experience.
I have learned So Much, thanks to you. Jeeps are Very New to me. I’m not an off-roader, or camper per se. I spend Much more of my time at road racing tracks.
That being said, I was the Grateful recipient of my sister’s two-owner ‘96 XJ 2WD Two Door. Mechanically, extremely sound. No rust. Body is (rough) thanks to orig owner, who was “young”. At 54, Life has treated me to some serious “curve balls”, and now a “sinker”. I’m essentially homeless.
In the middle of converting my XJ in to a “living space”. Right now, my decision making hinges on $$s, more than ease. Made sleeping platform, building upon inspiration from ‘paskmakes’ YT video. Used 200 skateboard bearing cases from eBay, US Seller, $40, furniture bolts for clearance, ¾ Baltic Birch Plywood, 1x1 steel, and lockable twisting T handle latches.
Much more planned, thanks to You. Shower, Freezer, Water Tank ... Also, for MY needs, I am doing Inverter for 120VAC .... so much (research) needed for Safety.
You’ve got a lot of experienced folks who have stopped by your Terrific Thread, so I ask of “the masses” ~ any other plug & play vehicle alternatives to the MJ Foot Brake ? Any thoughts on SPACE EFFICIENT, Budget-friendly 2000+W Inverter with Isolated battery ?
I think that’s it, for now. THANK YOU again for documenting, including links, SHARING your Knowledge.



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Wow, I reckon it's about time to dust this old thread off! ;)

Since I last replied, the XJ is going through a Mercedes Turbo-Diesel (OM-617) Conversion, since I lost the original 4.0L back in late January due to low compression on Cylinder #6.


I've run into a few walls during the swap, as it's not a well-documented conversion to do, but luckily I've recently found a great support network for OM617 Turbo-Diesel Swaps!

More soon! :cool:

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I have put together the Expedition to New Years 2019 again this year! Registration is open and I've got 27 of 40 vehicles signed up as of today! I expect to be filled up by the end of the week! ;)

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--Bonfire: Community Bonfire each night
--Requirements: Stock 4x4 and Cold Weather Camping Gear
--Routes: Route and Trails will all be stock 4x4 friendly.
--Event: ***Limited to 40 Vehicles***
--Registration: Message Overland History to Reserve a Spot.
--Fee: $50/Vehicle - Includes both nights of Camping. Sunday 12/30 and Monday 12/31. We depart the Park on 1/1/19 by 11am.
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Finally was able to secure some garage space to get the Mercedes OM617 Turbo-Diesel installed! The motor mounts are welded up and the engine is centered!

It's back on the engine stand right now to finish being refreshed with new seals, but it'll be back in soon and then it's time to finish up the fuel lines and wiring! :D

IMG_3477 (1).jpg

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Being that the OM617 Mercedes Turbo-Diesel I’m installing has a front sump oil pan, it interferes with the front axle on an XJ. I had a narrowed and higher clearance oil pan made for the motor, and was told it would fit with only 2in of lift. Well, I’ve got 3.5in of lift, and this was how close the pan was sitting to the axle when we finally got the weight of the motor Sprung. Also, the motor wasn’t even fully dressed yet!


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This is the top of the valve cover to hood clearance, opposite of the oil pan pic. The engine can come up about another inch on the motor mounts, which I will very likely do.....