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Discovered this image when I was just mooching about on t'internet, and it did make me smile :)

I loved my 130 Exped.......it did 5 years as a support truck for off-road motorcycle adventures in Morocco and took us on numerous family holidays......Superb off road, as long as you knew how to deal with berms and a 130 inch wheelbase :D

I got her stuck a good few times, but the most embarrassing was definitely when we decided to do some extreme shopping at the local supermarket 1 mile from home......They'd piled up metre high banks to stop the travellers from towing their caravans onto the dead lands around the supermarket.....I just couldn't see that as anything other than a challenge, so we took them one by one, until I managed to beach the thing on a particularly high one when I had to approach it a bit too straight on:Wow1:

Much giggling from the kids in the back, stifled laughter from the missus in the front as I got the high lift jack out, lifted the front up 18 inches, pushed the rig backwards off the jack and repeated it a few times until I regained drive :wings:

Happy days!!!

First post by the way, though long term lurker ...Hi all :)

EDIT........Looking at the pod on the back and the reg number, I rather suspect that mine came from the same place as the top photo....an ex-electricity board pylon servicing vehicle :D


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I should maybe have posted this here, so it is moved.
Hi All,
My wife and I are steadily working our way around Scandinavia and Europe...Having been through Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia and Latvia.
I was recommended to join this site from another, and it looks pretty good to me, I'm enjoying reading of others trips, as we nick wi-fi from outside a spa hotel somewhere....
It's a bit of an anthropological journey for me, or maybe just getting to know the neighbours. I am interested in the similarities and differences between all we tribes who inhabit this crowded Northern hemisphere. Some are roads well traveled, by better folk than me, but as the European dream seems ready to topple, I am interested in how the people feel.
I can assure you, there will be no self empowerment involved.

We bought a van, a load of gear, and I made it into a camper van. Pretty hurriedly in fact. The only bit that has let us down so far was Fords doing, ie the engine. The whole thing has been great fun, and a bit of hard work, so far.

Cheers, Kevin.


Around the World in 10 Years, Year 12.

Hi, we are Pablo, Anna and The Cockroach, our Mitsubishi L300/Delica 1991 4wd van, travelling around the world since june 2000.

We started in Barcelona, Spain, and we've been through Southern Europe, Middle East and Africa from Cairo to the Cape. Then we crossed the Atlantic Ocean on a fishing vessel and we've overlanded slowly all the continental corners of America, from Tierra del Fuego in Argentina to Deadhorse and Inuvik in Alaska and Canadá. We've also completed the TransAmazon Road, the Panamerican Highway, the Dalton, the Dempster and travelled in several cargo ships.

We're finishing the translation of our first book in english, Around the World in 10 Years: The Book of Independence (we have three books in Spanish) and we offer lots of information for overlanders (mainly in Spanish) in our webpage: www.viajeros4x4x4.com

Now the Cockroach is in Vancouver, BC, from where we'll start the trip back to Mexico, Belice and Guatemala at the end of october. We'll make the impossible to join the Maya Rally and we'll be for the third time, next year, telling stories and encouraging people to travel at the Overland Expo in Arizona.

You're more than invited to visit our home at Around the World in 10 Years: writers en route at www.viajeros4x4x4.com

Cheers and many bad tracks!



Might as well add our name to the list.
we (bryan and jen and our dog karma) are traveling from canada through mexico and central america in our 1967 VW Kombi.
Currently in central mexico and having the time of our lives.

When we get to panama there's a good chance that we will hop the ferry and continue south, but that all depends on how much money remains at that point in the trip.

Link to our blog http://thedangerz.com
link to the trip forum here http://http://www.expeditionportal.com/forum/threads/84904-theDangerz-driving-our-67-VW-Bus-through-Mexico-Central-America-and-beyond

Recommended books for Overlanding

999 Days Around Africa: The Road Chose Me
by Dan Grec, Dan Grec
From $19.95
Cycling the Great Divide: From Canada to Mexico on North ...
by Michael McCoy, venture Cycling Association
From $9.99
Motorcycle Messengers 2: Tales from the Road by Writers w...
by Jeremy Kroeker, Ted Simon, Lois Pryce, Billy Ward,...
From $9.99
I just added several PanAm overlanders. I really wish there was another way to organize/post new links... they seem to get lost. Please send me ideas for a better way to catalog new PanAm overlanders. For now, if you are a current, future or past PanAm vagabond and would like to be in the first sticky post please send me a PM or email (Luis@lostworldexpedition.com) with what you'd like me to post and a link to a photo you'd like posted. If you send me a PM or email you will be posted within a few days tops (unless I am in the Amazon jungle in 2013 :)

There seems to be a tremendous increase in North American folks driving the PanAm, and from reading the sites everyone will be extremely interesting to follow! Makes you wonder how many are out there without blogs or FB pages.

We are currently on hiatus working and making money for our return to the Landcruiser, currently parked in Chile waiting (hopefully).



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swiss couple & dogs doing the pan am

If I may also add our names here:

Me (Michel) & Ursi started in May 2012 in Halifax with a 1993 HZJ75 1HZ with turbo and H55F trans, drove to the Yukon and entered the US end of September 2012. Now spending 3 month here, after a short stop at a very nice Toyota guy (Brett, also here in the forum) we are now heading to Death Valley & Utah. We will enter Mexico in a few months and eventually driving down to Argentina.
We are trying to update the homepage since we are always a few weeks behind, especially with the english journals. I also will hopefully in the next few weeks the engine and car section since I also managed to finish the cabin section. So far only in german, sorry. Use google translator instead.

Now let's try those coole tipps from Brett in the death valley!

Our link: www.pawsontour.com

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Hey Luis,

What do you think about moving this list onto http://wikioverland.org ?

I'm thinking there could be an off-shoot from the Pan American Highway page, and another from the Africa overland routes page. (Which I plan to greatly expand in the coming weeks).

By putting it on WikiOverland, which is an open wiki like wikipedia, anyone will be update to update/edit/delete the information whenever they want, and the responsibility won't fall to one person, i.e. you.


Seventeenbysix - Blogging on the road from Mexico to Argentina


Journalists Paula and Jeremy Dear parked their London life in 2011 and took to the road in Latin America for a while, maybe longer.

"We'll be writing about what we do, experience and learn between Baja California and Tierra del Fuego - our campervan highs and woes, the people we encounter, the places we visit and even a little bit of politics.
We're making the journey in a 1997 VW Eurovan camper. Our living space is now a vehicle measuring 17x6ft."
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... I really wish there was another way to organize/post new links... they seem to get lost. Please send me ideas for a better way to catalog new PanAm overlanders. ...
Hey Luis, we're working secretly on a very cool project to show current Overlanders and their whereabouts on a map with the lastest posts. I will get back to you on this, as I think it's a very cool idea. Still very testing the **** out of it.

Adventurous greetings,