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Curious to know whether anyone requesting a refund ever got one?
No, at least I haven't. Still battling through the process. I either get no response or threats back from Overkill. Last option for me is the legal route. I'm afraid your post last month regarding ponzi schemes and business sense vs manufacturing skill seems very appropriate here. It's likely I (and any other recent buyers) will never see my deposit.
I have recently purchased one second hand. I have not had the change to really dig into it but I haven’t found anything real alarming. Definitely not something. I haven’t seen in any of the other two offroad campers I have owned. I have also started and owners page on facebook for anything who’s owns one!


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We have had a good overall experience with the Overkill folks. Yes there were delays but these were filled in with adventures using the Rove folks S.O.5.10’s. Actually a good thing as we changed our configuration based on taking their trailers out on trail. After camping with ours for a shake-down, we are very glad to have our Overkill. One of many reasons was camping in 5°F, heavy rain and snow we were dry & so warm we slept on top of our sleep bags.
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Apparently they're now being manufactured by 'Adventure Series RV' out of Somerset PA. Does anyone know anything about this new manufacturer? I can't find them anywhere on the web.



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So Adventure Series RV in Somerset, PA. Can't find this company on the interweb. Little Guy trailers (extreme outdoors llc) I in Somerset. Aliner Campers is near Somerset.

Maybe it's a newly formed company. They way the post is worded it sounds like it's a company that has a big production plant. Can't help but wonder if this company has a mass produced Elkhart type production line with labor s that are not trained to build off road trailer. I hope not for those waiting for overkill rigs. Wish they would be more clear to who this big production company is. You know like " Formally....RV

I would not order one without more clarification
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Suggest taking a look at the FB group.

Additionally, whoever wrote the announcement can't spell and proofread accurately.
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If you just search overall on home page of FB you get the company owned fb page . It says the following

We have some very exciting news to share!

Effective immediately OverKill Campers has partnered with a titan of camper manufacturing!

We will continue to produce the same great campers but with added benefits of a larger scale production team.

Please direct any questions and or inquires to brandon@overkillcampers.com

This "Titan" must roll under a different name then Adventure Series RV

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