One Spice?


I use a wide variety of spices etc in my cooking, but one blend that always goes with me is a spice blend called Spike, which was developed by Gayelord Hauser.

I was first introduced to it as a kid in the 1970s, and it has remained with me ever since. :coffeedrink:

It is a combination of 39 different ingredients:

Salt and sea salt crystals, special high potency non-active nutritional yeast grown on beet molasses, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, mellow toasted onion, onion powder, orange powder, soy flour, celery leaf powder, celery root powder, garlic powder, dill, kelp, Indian curry, horseradish, ripe white pepper, orange and lemon peel, summer savory, mustard flower, sweet green and red peppers, parsley flakes, tarragon, rosehips, saffron, mushroom powder, parsley powder, spinach powder, tomato powder, sweet Hungarian paprika, celery powder, cayenne pepper, Greek oregano, French sweet basil, French marjoram, French rosemary, and Spanish thyme.

I second that. Goes with everything. Especially eggs and potatoes


I'm picky I pack a whole spice rack in mini containers and go all out while cooking.

But for the sake of argument, Real Salt (do a side by side taste test of Real Salt and Mortons, you'll never go back). Although I don't think salt and pepper should count since they're very basic items to have. In which case I'd choose Italian blend seasoning just because it pairs with my type of cooking/menu so well.

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I have a small pepper mill filled with a mix of pink and sichuan pepper corns. The sweeter pink corns complement the spicier sichuan ones nicely.


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Dominant One. Its a locally made spice mix from my home county. They only make a few batches a year, but it can work well on anything. Beef, pork, fish, poultry, its good on it all. Also great for any kind of bland food you can come up with.


I am inbetween cinamon and cumin. To be honest I cannot choose! But I know for sure that when I use each of them, its highly rewarding!

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Limited to one spice would force me to choose pepper; however, an "all-in-one" seasoning that I've found delightful since the 1970's is Jane's Krazy Mixed-Up Salt.