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Well I broke my pin also and been using this .works great even if you forget to take it out .open on its own

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I'm sure breaking the pin is common (or at least ruining the spring), and that's a nice idea. Thanks for sharing as it looks simple.


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I should also mention that I was wondering around the South Dakota Black Hills about two months ago and I had my first experience of having to unhook my trailer to turn around on a tight trail at the bottom of a rocky climb out. I had headed down into a canyon, which it turned out that recently the trail had been closed to motorized vehicles. (Bummer!)

I had to manhandle the trailer to turn it around, which it was kind of backed to the side in a bit of a ditch with tall grass, and once I spun it mostly around, the trailer was sitting low, so I had to raise the tongue really high to get the ball under it.

I do have to say that the XO Jockey Wheel was great to have! It really did make it easier to swing the trailer around for where it was sitting. I have to also say that yes, I could totally see winching the trailer to my Jeep if I had had to.

A picture I took earlier in the day before the canyon…

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Hi to all that follow this thread

i just wanted to advise i am going on some much needed holiday leave i will be on leave from today 25/07/2016 and i will be returning to work on Monday 22/08/2016 so if you have any questions about our products or need support it would be best to email

this email address will be looked after from Sydney Australia so there may be a delay in replying time, i may log in from time to time if time permits.

take care and speak to you all very soon.


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Brett, any guides (or at least tips) for long term maintenance of the XO?


Total lack of customer support

Recently ordered this jack from the US website ( and before it was delivered, I tried to contact ArkPak on the phone during normal business hours: no answer. So I sent an email: no response and it has been about a week since i sent the email and called. After seeing Grogie's post about lack of repair parts here on EP in 2 threads, I was concerned I was potentially buying a $250.00 paper weight.

In the meantime I did receive the jack and it is very well made, decided to go ahead and mount it. My trailer tongue is 2.5" square. The bolts supplied are too short for my application which seems odd, so I ordered bolts online since they wanted about $7.00 each for the bolts I needed locally, not acceptable. Bolts arrived today and I see that the bolt holes in the jack plate and the plates which go on the opposite side of the tongue do not match up. So at this point I am totally not a happy camper.

Bottom line, I would not purchase this jack or recommend it. They seem to have no respect for the customer after the sale has been made.

Tried to attach photo, not sure if it will show.

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Hi to all that follow this thread.

Thanks for posting your insight and feedback it really is appreciated and i do check in on this thread, i just wanted to advise that for anyone new wanting to follow up on the XO trailer jack from us we are currently out of stock ahead of our projected time the XO trailer jack has exceeded our expectation.

please be advised that we will have more stock available from the 26th June 2017.

if anyone has any more questions please ask.


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Swivel Mounting Plate

For anyone who is interested, attached is a PDF file of an engineering drawing of the ARK XO Swivel Mounting Plate. Dimensions are in mm.

View attachment swivel plate orjw.pdf

I installed one on my Kimberley Karavan, and it is far superior to what came from the Kimberley factory. Due to the configuration of the KK draw bar, I had to cut the XO swivel plate and make a custom mounting plate that bolts to the original draw bar jockey wheel mount. The cut XO Swivel Plate is bolted to that custom mounting plate. It works VERY well!

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If you mean a hitch as opposed to the trailer jack, the best off-road hitch available is the McHitch from Australia. You can see one in the photo I posted above. Mine is the original design. He has a newer model available.
That looks great, but when I consider that I have three different tow vehicles in current rotation (and three more in reserve) plus four different trailers and plans to build a fifth, the idea of trying to convert over to a completely different hitch system looks prohibitively expensive. Especially if someone is coming out with an offroad hitch coupler that will work with the 2" balls that I already have in place in each of the tow vehicles.

This has a lot of appeal for me:


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I've had mine for over a year and it has performed flawlessly. The extra height really helps with the height of the truck and the trailer
(can't seem to upload the pic)

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Brett, any guides (or at least tips) for long term maintenance of the XO?

Hi Grogie

thanks for the post sorry for the late reply to your question, in terms of hints and tips for maintenance, please see be tips they are no particular order

1- if you venture onto the sand/mud it would be a great idea to change out the grease that lubricates the horizontal and vertical thrust bearings as sand will contaminate the grease and cause premature wear on the gears, all you do is undo the two bolts at the top of the square shaft and this will expose the thrust bearings.

2- in stead of winding out the inner cycle tube all the way, you are better off dropping the square tube all the way first this will save you from winding the inner tube out as much.

3- regularly check the bolt and nut that holds the two bottom wheels together you may need to undo this and clear debris that gets stuck in between them after a trip

4- regularly wash the jockey wheel done with warm or cold soapy water to clear contaminates away it will keep the trailer jack in top clean condition.

5- the locking pin that locks the wheel into a certain position it may be wise to color this a bright fluro color as this is some times forgotten about and can break away if left in the locked position.


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