New version of Gaia GPS released


Drives me crazy they are ignoring 52% of the car market and 87% percent of the phone OS market by not even half heartedly starting Android auto compatibility.
I hear you. For what it’s worth, a senior Android developer is one of their top job openings last I saw in their email update. So must be top of mind for them.


I have over 50 hours into Gaia and at least half is on one trail for this August with over 100 waypoints.

I am currently working with Gaia to resolve a huge issue where many waypoints created on my laptop do not sync to my iPad, despite many forced syncs. It is very frustrating. I am a Premium subscriber.


Expedition Leader
Why is the San Raphael Swell map 712 not available on Gaia or Avenza? In talking to Gaia, they say it is not on their exclusion list. I already have the printed map, but would like it on Gaia or Avenza as well.