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Recommended books for Overlanding


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Sounds exciting Jerry, best of Luck!

I've read this entire blog so I am not to worried... you'll be back. Plus that Log Cabin isn’t going to pay for itself. (My attempt at Humor)
I imagine there will be weekend trips that will keep us hanging on. Either way thank you again for the inspirations. Its been a fun Journey to observe.


Best of luck in in your new “adventures” Jerry. You have provided me with quite the vicarious adventure over the last couple of years and I’ve appreciated that. So thank you for that. Please check in when you can and give us an update. ;-)

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Tha k you. I spent the morning catching up on the last 10 pages or so.

The white dog: is an Akbash, a LGD much like the Great Pyrenees, but have a few breed difference characteristic's.

We have Pyrs, I could speak for hours on Livestock Guard Dogs. A week after i got back from my last 120 day contract, a lot of local farms and ranches had their dogs " rescued" including my best friend and retired LGD. The sheriff thinks they will turn up beyond Boise, as its a specific group who is doing it. That was over 1 month ago now. The dogs actively guarding their livestock friends, were mostly spared. Its not easy to get them away from their job, and most are very leery of strangers. They think some were lured with food/treats and trapped.

as always I appreciate you posting, and good luck with this new adventure.
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Recommended books for Overlanding

It was the first week of September 2020 when the fire started just north of Bozeman, Montana. They called it the Bridger Foothills Fire and it burned approximately 10,000 acres before it was finally brought under control.....

(Note: the first three pictures were sent to me from a friend in town and were not taken by me. I thought they were incredible so I'm sharing with you).....




When the smoke finally settled down and the skies turned to a pure blue, we drove east and stopped along the banks of the Yellowstone River where we set up our camp.....


Since the volunteer position never materialized we were again in no hurry.....


Our days were filled with hikes along the banks of the Yellowstone River, Tanner swimming in the cool crystal clear waters, and sometimes just sitting idly by watching the fishermen as they loaded and unloaded their drift boats.....


We finally departed the banks of the Yellowstone River and we drove east.....regretfully leaving behind the snow capped peaks of Montana.....



We continued driving until we had nearly reached the Atlantic Ocean and here we stayed with our best friends where we relaxed on a couch and watched the big screen tv, fell asleep each night right there with the remote in hand, ate hot meals at the dinner table and had fantastic conversations.....took hot showers morning and night. Our stay was much too debating that fact. Then it was back on the highway.....we drove west.....once again returning to Montana.....


.....and we slowly eased back into the ways of the backcountry wanderer.....

I was talking with a friend in town and I was telling him of my new found love for the Crazy Mountains of Montana.....and he told me that he had recently been up there mountain biking and that he'd seen thirty mountain goats while he was up there and of course I said that I had to visit this place.....


We drove north on Highway 89.....passed through Clyde Park, Montana.....



Missed our turn off the highway and ended up in Wilsall, Montana.....




With a little help from the locals we finally figured out the way.....



.....and the way was spectacular.....