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Arjan.....yes, I is a nice house but it was not the right house for me. Too big, too modern, too cold.....I miss not having a home but I do not miss not having that home.....

JD.....yes, it could have turned out much worse for that family but fortunately that story had a nice ending. You once mentioned a place that I should see in Montana.....where was that ?

calicamper.....thanks for chiming in.....always appreciated.....'s amazing how much fun it can be since it's such a change of lifestyle from living life on the road.....

Ron requested.....

I had mentioned in a previous post that my friends kids would show up occasionally.....they might stay a night, and then they'd be gone the following morning.....


Sometimes they would leave their dogs with me.....and sometimes they would take their dogs along.....


One night they had a cookout in the backyard.....which I was given an invitation to we live in an age of coronavirus and I'm one that believes that this virus is for real.....


I understand that some people think it's a hoax, fake news, or that it will simply disappear.....


So I decided not to attend their backyard cookout.....cause honestly I think it was a bad idea.....


I'm not sure if people wore masks or practiced social distancing cause I was as far away as I possibly could be.....


The funny thing about this cookout was that everyone brought at least one dog along. I've got to tell you.....I did love that part of their little get together.....


At one point I'd guess that there were maybe 15 to 20 dogs running around on that property.....



Coronavirus has not been near the issue here in Montana as it has been in other parts of the country as Montana has just recorded its one thousandth case just a few days ago. But I still think its best to be prudent.....and I'll continue to live my life with great care. I don't want to get it.....and I don't want to give it either.....and honestly.....I'd rather hang out with dogs anyhow.....



Jerry, I haven't seen my best friend since this started because he refuses to take this seriously and wear a mask. His daughter, who lives with him and his wife just got infected at a party, so I'm sure both him and his wife will get sick as well. He still thinks it's no big deal because he's sure he'll live through it. You can't fix stupid so just keep doing what you're doing and take of you and Tanner.

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Riversdad.....I had something similar happen in my life several years ago. A disagreement of what is right and what is wrong ended a friendship that had lasted for decades. My best friend was without a doubt the best human being I've ever met.....that was indeed a painful loss. Tanner & I will continue to lay low and try to stay away from mankind as much as we possibly can. Heck, we've been doing that even before coronavirus reared its ugly head.....

One of the beauties of laying low in one spot for several weeks is that there seems to be more reading time available. I finally finished reading The Explorer authored by Frances Parkinson Keyes. This was a difficult read as it was written many years ago. It was interesting to say the least.....the story of adventure in the search for a lost Inca city takes place predominantly in Northern Virginia, the jungles of Peru, and also included a little of New England......


Our visits into Bozeman were fairly rare.....I first came here nearly two decades ago and the changes here are drastic.....and the changes are not so good.....


There are just too many people here and they continue to come by the hundreds.....and then the numbers turn into the thousands.....


I only saw one protester here.....and that's a good thing in my mind. Honestly I'm just tired of all the disfunction in our world.....and all the hate that goes with it. I just need a rest from it all.....


I find no solace in the church.....


The neighborhood market brings a brief respite from all the worlds turmoil.....nothing better to make a vegetarian smile than a stand full of organic vegetables.....


Old trucks are great too and they tend to put a smile on my face as well.....


.....especially the ones that make for great escape / adventure vehicles.....


I met a friend in town for coffee one turned out that I wished I hadn't. It took ten days and $800, but we are now back to normal.....


I sure will miss my stickers.....they too tell a story.....



Pretty amazing this is your first bear damage after all the years you've been on the road. Now that you have that out of the way the rest of your journey should be golden, at least one can hope. At least I hope it was a bear and not some moron!
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You packed a lot in this post.

I was surprised to see the open market. They have been closed in most the south for a while. A lot of dairy farmers and ranchers have been having to "dispose" of their product because they didn't have room for it.

Like you I like the old trucks. The first even has a hard sided pop up. Very cool. The cab over on the second one looks 8' tall. I guess they put bunk beds up there.

Glad you got to see your friend but sorry for the break in. Since it was in town I immediately thought human. But then I remembered where you are the bears come in to town for coffee as well. Glad you got it replaced already.

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Like ITTOG, that was a lot to absorb in that last one Jerry. I always feel like there are stories within the stories that you post. Your comment about laying low with Tanner after previous friendships and experiences definitely resonates. You also had previously mentioned in a post that you had an incident and almost lost Tanner if I remember correctly. Was that related to the camper break in? Hoping all is well now after whatever caused that.

I did get to see Idaho, Wyoming and Montana with my own eyes during my family trip that way. The extremely small glimpse I had of Montana only cemented what I already knew and what you have said about it in many of your posts. I know people are moving there and the population is growing in many areas, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't seriously contemplating trying to make that move myself and finish raising my kids there.

Ace Brown

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I’ve lost track of all my bear encounters. But they never broke into my rig although they tried to run away with my food box several times. The one I have now is pretty close to bear proof and I attach a cable to it for two reasons: he won’t get far and I’ll hear the noise.

I’ll bet Jerry’s breakin was a two legged bum.

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Jerry your not alone in the COVID is real camp👍. Its hard staying away from family and friends especially with young kids. I think that the crack down ie SIP was effective before we saw wide spread infections and losses. As a result for most people they had no direct experience with COVID. Only the negative impact of the shutdowns so here we are today seeing some grim numbers. A big part of the Recent infection spread are being tracked to small friends and family gatherings. All my doctor and infectious diseases peeps are saying 2 yrs of risk and precautions and the sooner we just realize this isn’t a summer annoyance the better off things will be later.

Stay safe everyone wear the stupid mask. I’m not a fan either but it is what it is..
Riversdad, mekcanix, Ace.....I was in town having coffee with a friend at the time (outdoors of course) and I can't say for sure how it happened. I have my suspicions but I'm liking the bear idea quite a bit. It was nothing more than a costly nuisance really. Northern Lite got me a replacement door in ten days.....typically it takes 6 weeks from the factory and then 3 more weeks to ship from Canada. Northern Lite sold me one of their in stock doors and loaded it onto a truck camper delivery truck that was headed to Texas free of charge (typical shipping fee is $300). Then there just happens to be a Northern Lite dealership 15 minutes away and I assisted in the installation and they liked me (that's an assumption and it was never said.....let's be clear about that) so that too was free of charge ! I'm currently back at my friends place (just passing through on my way to a hidden not well known place) and yesterday the neighbor came over to tell me that her son (who I knew) had been killed in an automobile accident the day before. That certainly puts my loss into perspective.....

ITTOG.....yes I agree.....there were quite a few subjects mentioned in that last was time to move on.....this post should bring balance back to the blog.....'s often a struggle to convey what my life on the road is really like in a limited number of words. My goal is always to keep my posts at a minimum so that readers can have a quick peek during their busy days. You are so right.....there are often stories within the stories that are never told. I thought about you and your family often.....wondered how your trip was going. I don't blame anyone for wanting to move to's amazing country. I wish I had raised my children here.....that's a regret.....I'd say go for owe nobody an explanation or an excuse or an apology for doing what's right for your family.....

calicamper.....the virus scares the hell out of me and I always wear the mask when indoors in public places. My goal has been and will continue to be.....stay out of public places as much as possible. I've actually kept count and I've been in a store 20 times in the past 125 days. The lifestyle I have chosen is a double edged sword.....typically it's easy to be away from people yet I have no support group should I get sick. And what would happen to Tanner should I be hospitalized.....terrifying.....


One thousand days on the road.....and this is my life told in three simple pictures.....





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Congratulations Jerry on 1000 days! It hasn’t been easy...
I would personally like to thank you for the 600+ days of entertainment!
Also thanks to everyone who does comment, its been nice following your perspectives as well. I feel I should comment more but I am often reading behind. This blog to me, is kind of like a piece of art that I don’t want to mess up.

Congratulations again. I can't wait for you to share the next ? days, on or off the road.


The place is Vipond Park in the Pioneer Mountains. You can get up there off 43 and I-15 to Dewey. Sleep amongst the lodgepole pines, beautiful wild flowers. Numerous mines to explore, in fact you will pass a big one on the way up. Foy also posted previously with more details. Google Vipond Park😊
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For someone that is stuck at home working, your three pictures look amazing. I hope they are as amazing to you as to those that follow you. God bless you for helping us make it through the week.

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I've thought about you many times in the past week, but being on vacation, I haven't slowed down long enough to catch up on your latest.
Sucks about the camper door! When I first saw it, I thought I was seeing fire damage. Glad it wasn't fire again, but hate when people can't leave other's stuff alone. Hopefully it was a bear!
Scout, my daughter and I are running around in the mountains of Colorado. I've seen so many spots that I think, "I could see Jerry holed up here for a bit!" and other places that I think, "what an epic spot, but Jerry would never drag his rig up here!"
Scout absolutely loves the mountains, and the freedom of being off leash! Because many of us that follow you are dog people, I'm going to share a few pics.
The sunset is my favorite. We had driven the Jeep up into the mountains and had a front row seat, with no one else in site!

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