My 2001 Pathfinder (R50 ) mild/budget build


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Thanks guys. Answering a couple of questions I received here and on PM:

1. I have a Rola roof-rack, with the extension (sold separately).
2. Blake, sorry don't have any detailed pics but the lights are mounted to the bumper by drilling through the plastic bumper and the metal bumper under it and then reaching from behind the grill but in front of the radiator with a wrench to tighthen the nut. If you look hard at the picture on the first page of this build thread you'll notice the little brackets on the bumper (lights were removed due to the truck overheating at the time). Hope that helps.

Oh and...happy birthday to me! :)



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Thanks guys. I can't take any credit for the cake, it was all the gf's idea and a surprise bday present. She lined up a specialty baking shop and provided them several pics from various angles. The level of detail on the cake was amazing, the cake weighed approx 15lbs! It hurt me to cut it. Here's a slightly better pic.


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Wow that thing is sweet! Talk about a real mans cake! 15lbs will take you some time haha! Happy Bday!