Montero Alarm system removal, Gen 2.5


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No worries, all sorted. Ty did it in about 5 minutes. I spent 2.5 hours trying first though :)


Great write up, I had issues with one of the screws for the fuel door release as well, but I just loosened everything else up and was able to access everything I needed. Yanked out the box and sensor, cut and soldered 2 wires, and I was back in business! Took me about 20 minutes including the frustration with the screw and soldering the connection. Not too shabby!


With this problem were there any dash lights on? Did this allow the starter to crank over but not let the engine run? Or does it shut of the entire system?


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I can add that I had my alarm deleted 10yrs ago and this is basically the same thing the dealer did to mine.


So is there a factory or better alternative to keyless entry? Mine doesn't have the alarm anymore and the paj forums mention a simple lock unlock module that plugs in the rear cargo area.

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Demon possessed alarm removed !

Thanks for this thread. My system was slightly different though. I connected the starter by pass wires and unplugged the control box.

Everything works and it starts again.

(Had a sudden no start condition, first thought it was the starter since i could hear clicking. Pulled starter, had it tested and it was fine. At least now i know i can get the starter out with the tools I carry...wasnt sure i had the right combination of extensions for the top starter bolt. Had it out in 20 minutes.)

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Thanks Jlocster! This will be my next project, but I'm also looking into maybe installing my own alarm with remote starter, I will try and get the wiring sorted out first, seems like the plug for the factory alarm has the necessary connections for the new/better alarm I want to install, but I saw on a 280zx one dude put a magnetic starter disconnect and he hid the sensor somewhere where he could just swing a magnet attached to his keys that did not look suspicious. Man all these projects piling up and no time to do them...

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Thanks for the info and the work you put into this. It has helped me greatly. I have had the alarm go off while driving down the expressway and I have found that anyone with Chrysler/Dodge remove activated the panic on my Montero's alarm. I was at wits end with that alarm and about to sell my Montero until I came across this information. Oh, and the 2 wires that need to be connected, I wired in a momentary switch for a kill switch. Thank you so much!
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Does this apply to 97s? I cant seem to trace the starter wires back to the main plug. So far i havent done anything permanent as its not matching up. However im about 97% sure the alarn is causing the issue and 100% sure its going out due to door lock shenanigans