MG Metalworks Van Build


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Could you find a bigger intercooler? I don't think that little thing will get the job done!

Did it come off a civic?
Wow last night I was using my tablet to read the new post and I missed a serious flaw. Looks like you need to build a skid plate for that filter. I would hate for the filter to get hung up on something or worse, getting torn off.

I know you are limited in engine compartment space, but I run a true dual in series filter mount. Most duals I find are parallel. I wanted series because of the bypass system built in the typical oil filter. This allows me 100% filtered oil. Yes they are a bit flashy but a little black powder coating takes care of that. Also the mount allows me to run an oil temp sensor. If I ever decide to run dual non bypass oil filters I would replace the temp sensor with a pressure sensor so I could measure pressure drop across the filter for dirty filter detection.

I guess you already checked with Champion Radiators for a possible candidate that you might not have to modify.


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I also made up the hydroboost lines and designed a bracket for the power steering reservoir (getting laser cut now)...
Beautiful work Mike, and nice choice on your HB tank/filter. One has been performing well in my old bimmer for 6 years. Solid unit!



Wow I'm impresses! Just read the last 40 pages in the last few days. I'm speechless. Your work is well thought out and executed.


Rollin' beads in air cleaner parts. The custom airbox fabrication begins! (one of the last parts to fab before the front end goes back together).

I got all the laser parts today for the radiator and intercooler mounting. Hopefully I can get that all welded up and test fit in the next couple of days then sent off to powder coating. While those parts are being finished, I'll install the main wiring harness, get the Sterling rear end in place and have some drivelines made. So close to making my way through the pre-drive checklist! Based on how things have been going lately, I'll be happy if I can manage a test drive on or before my birthday in mid-Jan.


I've been thinking a lot lately how I'm going to put fuel in my rear mounted tank. I mean I know how I'm going to do it but I have just been nervous about cutting a gaping hole in the side of my van and not being satisfied with how it looks. My idea is to make a "dimple die" set the shape of the factory fuel door opening. Then cut a hole in the van and draw the two dies together, creating a recess for the fuel door that looks like the factory recess.

First, let's test the theory and the tools for the job on a busted up door laying out back. The goal here is to form the dimple in the sheet metal without distorting the entire panel AND, if all goes well, preserving the paint. Ready?

Let's do this!

First, clean busted up door

Then cover the area with tape and drill a big hole...

Now make a bigger hole for clearance around the dimple die with a sheet metal punch. (Are you beginning to see why I've left this part to the almost very end??? My van is gonna get a massive hole in the side of it and it's either going to look awesome or require tons of body work and repainting... good thing for spare body parts laying around).

Now set up the hydraulic tool that pulls the two dies together...

Hey! Look at that! The panel is ok and the shape is nice and crisp!

Ah crap.... well, at least the shape is good. This is only the first test. I'm going to try again in temps over 40F.

I'm probably just dreaming but I might try to warm up the area first and see if the paint can hold up better. I'm also not designing the final die shape with such hard transitions. I have some smooth radii planned for the actual dies I'll use.



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Well to be there, that looks a lot better than I expected! Should be interesting to see if the paint does any better if warmed up first.

The panel I have should fit in the oven if you want to really give it a good try.