MG Metalworks Van Build


Spent a good part of the day cutting up an E-series body to use for this and future engine swap mock ups. It actually went faster than I was expecting given the drenching downpour. Miserable working conditions but how can a guy be in a bad mood when you're getting a major piece of the Cummins puzzle back to the shop!?

Here's my ol' man cutting out the A-pillars...
20150725_125701 (1024x633).jpg

We have separation!!!
20150725_131743 (1024x1011).jpg

Let's load this up and get it home! (by way of a pressure washer...it was filthy inside from an interior fire)
20150725_132124 (943x1024).jpg

And now cleaned up and ready for work...
20150725_162139 (1024x695).jpg
20150725_162153 (1024x722).jpg

I'm going to tidy up some of the jagged cuts before I really start going crazy. It's here though! It's finally here!


At least it's not 98 degrees and humid like it is on the east coast. Liquid sunshine and cooler temps would be nice about now. Definitely looking forward to seeing the inline six mocked up in there.

Some measuremnts sir, if you please:

Flat section of the driver's foot well, kind of where toes or the top end of the pedals would be if they were there?

Something to gauge engine height, if it were a complete van still - maybe top of engine to top of frame rail?

Thanks in advance.


This has been a pretty good morning so far. Got the mock-up body into the shop and straddled over the engine. So here you have it folks, at long last, decent pictures of a 6.7L Cummins in a Ford E-series van.

DSC_0815 (1024x685).jpg

DSC_0816 (1024x685).jpg

DSC_0817 (1024x685).jpg

DSC_0818 (1024x685).jpg

DSC_0819 (1024x685).jpg

DSC_0824 (1024x685).jpg

DSC_0825 (1024x685).jpg

DSC_0826 (1024x685).jpg

There's a whole lot of good news going on here. Lots of room around the turbo (which was one of my main concerns) and things seem to be fairly accessible. Once I start packing all of the other parts in it will look stuffed but what I have here is way more room than I was really expecting.

The bad news is that, even though I can move forward and towards the passenger side just a little bit to get more clearance, the transmission is just so massive that I'm going to have to do some reshaping at the bottom of the doghouse. Maybe I'll get lucky and find just the right combination but from what it looks like right now, there will be some minor interference. No worries... I've been here before many times in my street rodding days.

Overall I'm pretty happy with the fit. I've been waiting for this day for a long time since moving forward on some things was dependent on how this engine fit in the body. I can finalize a lot of part designs now and get moving on the electrical and plumbing in their final configuration.
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I hope you got behind the mockup and made engine noises like when you were a six year old. It's the right thing to do.

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Pics not working now? Sounds awesome though! Would this swap be something down the road that you would perform on others?