Looking at a couple 4Runners. Need some help please.

Andy G

The 1996 has 130k miles but seller isn’t sure if timing belt had been replaced. He’s asking $4200 or best.
1996 4WD Toyota 4Runner

The 1999 has 185k miles and timing belt has been replaced. He’s asking $4000 or best.
1999 4Runner

Is there a way to verify if the timing belt has been replaced? I’ll look under the hood to see if there’s a sticker or not.


Welding Goats

New member
I'd stay away from the 1996 vehicle. CarFax shows it to have been in an accident and also notes some very weird mileage inconsistencies.

With not VIN number for the 1999 vehicle, can't check CarFax.


New member
Another to look for:
Is the 99 a limited? Check the drive train. E locker? AWD?
Upgraded interiors for those years over the earlier ones and better headlights.
Timing belt kit will cost you $250 for all Toyota parts on eBay.
High miles not a scary thing for these if it’s been even kind of maintained.
Good luck

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Andy G

Thanks everyone...the '99 ended up sold before I could get to it, and I'm avoiding the '96.

There's a new '99 that I'm waiting to check out tomorrow, and it looks promising.