Lexus GX 460 & 470 owner's thread

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I've had my 2008 GX470 for just over a year. I bought it with 88k and I'm sitting at 103k now. This SUV continues to impress me. I daily drive it and use it for road trips, camping trips, hunting, hauling and trailer pulling, bike and kayak transport, etc. I was looking at 4th and 5th gen 4runners as well as a Tundra when I came across an article calling the GX the best kept secret in off-road SUVs. I think the secret is out...Screenshot_20200226-195524.pngScreenshot_20200226-195545.pngScreenshot_20200226-195601.pngScreenshot_20200226-195649.pngScreenshot_20200226-195721.pngScreenshot_20200226-195625.png
I just completed a coil conversion with a 2" rear lift. New front Bilstein struts and Freedom Off-Road UCAs will be installed this coming weekend.


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Another happy GX owner here. Purchased mine from Porsche dealer a few years ago. One owner trade in. Was the wife's but sold my Tacoma do to lack of power and bought the wife a RX330. GX is my driver now. No complaints and starting to set it up for more adventure driving. No serious mods, just winch and added accessories for remote travel. I have been a offroad jeeper and have atv's and utv's. My wife and I did a 3000 mile road trip from Washington down through Idaho and Utah last summer living out of the car and the RTT.
Is the RTT on the factory cross bars?


Well, the wife and I finally picked up something we have thought about for awhile. We purchased a 2015 GX460 Base with Premium package and truly love the vehicle. First step was to install 265 65 18 Cooper AT3 Lt's. Of course I have the rubbing of the side step bolt on the wheel well and am wondering if it is easier to remove the bolt or replace it with a black ziptie.
Any thoughts?
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Bought mine as a more comfortable and reliable daily driver, driving about 120 miles a day it wasn't the best choice as far as fuel mileage but I may have had persuasion from my co-workers at Victory 4x4;) So far this is the build as it sits about 10 months of ownership! Follow the build @_grand_cross0verland_

2006 GX470 w/ KDSS
Full Victory 4x4 Aluminum Skid system
Victory 4x4 Blitz Sliders
Victory 4x4 Roof Rack
3" Icon Vehicle Dynamics Billet stage 3 kit
285/75/17 Falken AT3
Mamba M25s
I included some sneak peaks of what I am working on during the quarantine:cool:


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2015 recently purchased and slowly starting to turn into a fun family outing vehicle. So far the chrome delete and SCS/Grabber ATX mods to set me apart from the other GX's in my area. Soon to come 2 inch lift, under body protection/skids, rack/awning, and then we'll see where things are at.

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Ghost Who Walks
So we're all used to seeing the GX represented as a compromise between those who can't or won't spend the cash on a Land Cruiser & those who need something larger or more powerful than a 4runner. I say that's all BS. The GX is a goldilocks SUV in my mind, so here's a thread dedicated to all those who own or love the American version of the prado! If you own build or drive a GX, post up for the record!

Mine is a white 2014 & dang right it is 4wd with a V8, they don't come any other way!
Holy OP revival,
They do come in a Different way,
The Lexus GX470 is sold in Australia as the Toyota Landcruiser Prado.
Available in either diesel or petrol(gas)
Mine is a 2005 Prado GXL
4.0 (1GRFE) 6 speed Manual with almost 250000km(155000 miles) on it and its almost run in. Its good for another 500000km(310000 miles)
Currently at the smash repair after someone used me as brakes at 45mph.
Hope to take it to the USA and tour around


I am buying Lexus GX 470 this week, probably Friday - have one picked out and it's a matter of negotiating on the final price.

Check the air suspension carefully, make sure it raises and lowers and does not sit there and blink indicating a problem.. air suspension is expensive and depending on how much of it is broken you can opt to switch it out for regular coils, but that is an entirely different issue.

Check the carfax and and also check the lexus dealer history, on the lexus owner's website. Look for any sneaky rust or corrosion, look to be sure the 90k maintenance (timing belt and water pump) maintenance was done if over 90k, otherwise that will be a faily sizeable expense and/or investment of your time if you do it yourself.

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Man I am liking these more and more everyday. I feel like I need a truck because of how often I actually use the bed for various reasons but I think I might be able to live without the bed.

Does the rear window roll down in a GX?


Man I am liking these more and more everyday. I feel like I need a truck because of how often I actually use the bed for various reasons but I think I might be able to live without the bed.

Does the rear window roll down in a GX?
GX470 the rear window does not move. GX460 it can pop open separately.