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M416A1 with my 2018 JKU.

The trailer is being sanded and repainted/ bed lined right now. Right after I bought it I put new NDT tires and inner tubes on. Pulls really nicely.



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TRAILBOXTRAILERS- We aren't producing them anymore, but this is my personal unit. 6' inside. LED lighting inside and out, Raptorlined, solar panel w/odessy battery, awning, Maxcoupler. Simple.

Just when I find a trailer I would buy you say they arent made anymore! My poor luck.
Any specific specs on it you can pass along?
Its 4' x 6' inside, built with a JK track width and hubs, piano hinged rear door so it will handle the weight of a kitchen built on it, HD steel diamond plate fenders built sturdy and wide so you can use them as tables, long tongue with MaxCoupler and high clearance and short depart angles for great off road capable. LED lighting inside and out with a 10w panel/odessy battery, tool box and can holders built in behind the box, RV door and window, roof vent. 12v and USB plugs wired inside. Hitch receiver built in rear for bike rack or whatever, Ebay awning, ---Just super simple!!! And big enough to sleep in!



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Here are a few more pics. Just need to redo the old wiring, paint a few spots, and attach the side reflectors. This is going to be a do-it-all trailer. Rocks, mulch, camping, looking cool, etc.