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I'm new to the site. I drive a 2011 Toyota Tacoma 4X4 i4 with Access cab as my daily and live in with a cot most of the time. I've had a couple XJs, I had Hiace diesel campervan and pretty nice Diesel Hilux pickup with a slide in when I was living in Australia (thats all my experience with Diesel). But now I've moved on to a Ford Diesel. I recently obtained this 1992 F-350 CC DWR 4x4 5spMan 7.3IDI with ATS turbo. I got it for next to nothing and it came with this Dreamer camper so I'm going to build it out and use it.

These are my beginning questions

I want to build this engine for longevity more than anything - best approach to that?

Thinking about lift, wheels and tire size (the camper is already tall) any suggestions?

Replacing the roof of the camper with heavier duty lumber so will add wieght, not a huge deal right? Also adding solar and batteries and that will be it for weight

I'll be switching the flat bed to one without tool boxes which will cut weight and removing the aux fuel tank built into bed

Just to start...

I'm going to have a lot of questions and was hoping you guys might be able to point me to people and places on this site (i.e- IDI folks? Need to learn about this motor). Also would be interested in starting my own build thread, if you guys know the best way to do that. I have a lot of plans with this and would like input if you guys have it.


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My new (to me) 96 k1500. Just got a D60 for a SAS on the front, and am looking for a full float for the rear end. I plan on building a rack for the top of the camper w/ a ladder, right now it's just a couple of ATV loading ramps that work surprisingly well. Really stoked!!!
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Is that a Caravan Camper? Suckers will outlast the truck.

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Is that a Caravan Camper? Suckers will outlast the truck.
It is! My father has one on his F-350, and when I came across this truck for sale with the Camper I couldn't say no! The weld on the rear center support broke at somepoint, so I will have to fix that, but it will be an easy fix. Coming from a roof top tent, this thing is incredible!! Here's what the inside build looks like: A 4ft drawer on the left with a slide out tray under, the tray comes all the way out and lays next to the drawer to make a full size sleeping platform. There are cubbies on each side, along with a deep cycle battery that charges off of the trailer aux power and a marine pump connected to my 6Gal water jug. I plan on making a much larger water tank, but am unsure where I want to put it.



After being wrapped up in the van life thanks to kids for the last 5 years I am excited to get back into the truck world. Just picked up my new to me F150 XL which i was surprised to find with the 3.5L, 3.55 e-locker, 6.5 bed, 36 gallon gas tank, tow package and all vinyl interior.