Lets see some full size pictures...


West slope, N. Ser. Nev.
Two frames back I posted a pic of our docilemobile. Here is some action on a fairly actionless thread going up the Diablo Dropoff in Anza, a 300 foot blow sand hill with moguls near the top carved by folks without lockers. My bro John, JR, filmed most of the action. Some particulars:
35 inch, 315x75R16 AT-3 tires with tire pressure reduced to the minimum for a 10K pound rig: 20 pounds. Rear wheels are Stockton Wheel 'Power Wagon' 10 inch wide steel wheels where most of the weight resides going up hill.
1st vid is a short but steep section, off camber with moguls to get to the base of the drop off. R front tire tried to lift: low range, 2nd gear.
https://www.dropbox.com/s/xg1lwe92448ry7z/Mogols at great sand hill Anza.m4v?dl=0
The selection of gears was important. 6 speed manual trans in 4th gear low range to start dropping to 2nd gear for the moguls. Open my dropbox files for these short vids. jefe
https://www.dropbox.com/s/bfj5y93wsd7vfkw/jefe does sand hill at dry wash of the devil Anza.m4v?dl=0


I have that same grill.. :D Love that thing.
Your truck looks good. Looks like a nice day to be outside relaxing and tailgating.
It is awesome, but I wish it wasn't still so bulky when it folded up. I might have to might legs for it one day. The humidity finally broke here after 2 weeks of 80-90F and 90% humidity, it's great.


Well, that thing looks awesome. I love RCSB trucks and have long dreamed of a RCSB F250/F350. Well done!

Yep. 16" out behind the cab. Step cut it, welded it, fish plated it, then boxed it where it was cut. The one picture the wheel looks uncenter but I think it's just because of the angle it's spot on under the fender.