Lets see some full size pictures...


West slope, N. Ser. Nev.
It's old. It's reliable. It's bullet proof. No smog devices. The current state of the XTC:
April 2017, campsite near Darwin Falls Death Valley CA. We ran at 28 pounds air pressure for six days, often getting up to 60 mph on long straight stretches of sand based roads. We got into long stretches of blowsand, mud, rocks, and snow.



Another oldie. 1990's F250-7.5l, 5 speed. Sas'd. Rear disc brake conversion. 38x14.50 Toyo MT's, 4.56 with a Detroit in the rear. Homemade trailer with an older Starcraft 1980's. New canvas all around. Me and my wife really like this. It was a nice upgrade from sleeping under a topper and I can still go everywhere I used to.
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Im diggin' some of the old(er) iron in this thread :ylsmoke:

We are still rocking the old powerstroke.

'96 extended cab F250 with a kingpin D60 SAS
Custom torsion free flatbed
A few other little things, but mostly stock otherwise.

And of course, the custom camper. :ylsmoke:

Looking long term, we are threatening to replace the old truck.
It was ridden hard and put away wet before we got it.
Motor still runs great, and it always seems to get us there, but the whole truck is starting to show me the signs of simply being tired.

We are creeping up on 300k miles, and are casually looking at newer, lower mileage rigs.
Im nowhere near impressed with the diesel offerings, so Im considering a V10 F350 or even pushing to a a V10 450/550



That Excursion is awesome. Not too tall, there isn't 4000 led light bars hanging off it. Very tastefull!
Thanks! And yes, it is not pimped out. I will actually build my own black grill and bumpers for it. It's a great Excursion with 37" tires, 3.73 gears and the TP performance tuner, it's very quick for this setup. I could smoke my 32" BFG all terrains. I wanted to keep it low with big tires, so it should be fun to take wheelin. I still have lots to do to it.