Leasing/Selling house in Queretaro, MEX.

The Swiss

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Well, this is not really a real estate forum, but with our international community here, ya never know. :sombrero: We are renting or selling a nice, 2 story, 3 bedroom house in a residential neighborhood in Queretaro, Mexico. The house is being refurbished right now and available from mid June 2012 on.

PM me if you interested and I can send description and pics.

The Swiss

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How did I forget about this! Here the ad and some pics

Casa en Querétaro, fracc. Tejeda.
200 mts de terreno, 186 de construcción, 3 recamaras, 2 baños completos, 1 medio baño, cocina integral nueva, garaje para 2 camionetas o 3 coches pequeños, jardín.
Recamara principal muy amplia con baño completo.
2 recamaras comparten baño completo, una de ellas muy amplia.
Amplios closets, bonita estancia-comedor.
Precio 1,450,000 Mex Pesos Dispuestos a negociar



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