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Thanks. Every time I think this thread is getting old and maybe I should stop I get another issue of one of the Land Rover magazines in the mail and almost always there's something in there I think will be of interest to Jeep folks, so until interesting ideas stop showing up in the LR magazines I'll keep posting :).
this is still my favorite thread here. i look back through it often. thanks for keeping it up!


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From the July issue of Land Rover Owner:

Seems very useful for setting up camp. I'm not sure exactly where the best place would be to install one in/on a Wrangler, I'll have to go over the Jeep to see if I can find the right place.

The exact same thing, as well as a few other styles, are available at one of my favorite electronics surplus outlets ( They're also quite a bit less expensive than the place Vicky got hers:


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There's no reason to actually spend money on the level idea, not even $1.95. There are lots of level apps available for smartphones for free...

That's basically what I do to level my Jeep all the time. I just place my phone on the platform my sleeping pad is set on.


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...BTW I'm working on a camper top for a Jeep-tub trailer right now and I plan to have a Land Rover Dormobile-style pop-top on it; I'll also post photosfrom that project as it progresses.
Since the camper top parts for my trailer project came out of the same molds as the Safari Cab hardtop on my LJ I've been posting progress on the trailer project in that thread. Rather than repeat everything here, photos and more can be found at:
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From the April issue of Land Rover Monthly:

This is a similar table available in the U.S. (this image from the Tentrax web site):

A few years ago I was asked to test the Tailgater above. It's easy to set up and quite sturdy. I used the tire table as a countertop for setting things I was taking out of the Jeep but not needing at the kitchen tabletop, like the food bag in this next photo, or the bags for my clothes. It was a convenient work surface for stuff like that. The height is very close to the height of the Trail Kitchen tabletops, maybe just a few inches lower, but I've only got 32" tires so with larger tires the table would be higher.

The photos above were taken during a camping trip in Death Valley and the Trail Kitchen in use in the Jeep is the first prototype that I built before MORryde picked up the design.

I only used the the Tailgater table on that one camping trip because I had to give it back to the company that asked me to test it. I liked it and found it useful, but I had two small issues with it. First - when stowed, the way the legs fold/disassemble it rattled a lot while on the trail stowed in the back of the Jeep. Second, it's very large to stow in a small Jeep that's already loaded with all the gear needed on a camping trip/expedition. If I were to regularly use it I'd find a way to stow it on the roof rack or hanging on the spare. But other than those to comments, it was very useful although I think I would prefer the UK version to the Tailgater - perhaps not being all metal the UK version wouldn't rattle as much. And the solid tabletop is a little nicer than the expanded sheet metal top of the Tailgater.
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