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They are expensive units no doubt, and it also took us some time and contemplation to get comfortable with the price tag. But if you look at what they offer, I think the value is there.

The two nights we camped last month were already way colder than we had ever camped in our prior Turtleback with its RTT (I know people tent camp in the 20's but I guess we're not that hard core lol). Living in the Northeast, we wanted a rig that would extend our season deep into the Spring/Fall, while not sacrificing any of the off road and off grid performance that we loved in our Expedition, but also providing meaningful interior living space. Add to that the ability to fit it into a garage and tow like a much smaller rig and the Karavan was quite literally the only option out there.

WFOORBUST--looking at the 2022 guide, the weight on a T3 wet/loaded will likely be between 7000 and 7500lbs depending on gear. Tare is 6328, GVWR is 7706.
We finally picked up our new Karavan from Dave at KK USA early last month. We had ordered the trailer in late December 2020, and had hoped to have the trailer by summertime, but with the world of COVID and international shipping we unfortunately missed the summer season. But, the trailer is everything we expected it to be and it was more than worth the wait!

Dave is fantastic, and it was a great delivery experience. There were a couple of small issues with the trailer from minor damage in shipping, but we identified and easily fixed them during our initial night in Dave's shop and the trailer performed flawlessly on our trip home from OH to CT. We spent one night at a KOA in PA along I-80, then the second night off grid in the woods of Vermont. On both nights the AM temps were in the low 20's (23 was low the second night iirc), but we were nice and toasty inside with the diesel air heater and nothing froze with the tank heaters on.

The trailer tows great behind our Raptor, with no sway at all and it was very well behaved at highway speeds.

Given the late time of year, unfortunately we've already had to put the trailer to bed for the winter after only two nights of use. We're very much looking forward to spring to really put the trailer to use!

If anyone in the CT area is in the market for a Kimberley and would like to see the rig in person message me and I'd be happy to find a time to meet up and show the trailer.

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Congratulations on your Karavan purchase!
We just ordered a S3 from David. It took some time to mentally absorb the cost, but we could just not find anything else that my wife and I would be happy with. We have been looking for over a year, and the Kimberly checked every one of the boxes, so we dove in head first. Dave really makes you feel comfortable with the purchase. The only bummer for us is we will have to drive to Ohio.
Congrats on the S3! From personal experience, I'm sure you'll love it.
What is the weight of the T-3, packed and ready to tow? Dave has been very helpful as well as Andy back in AU, ours is a 2014 Karavan.
Tare weight is 6330 lbs. How much it will weigh packed and ready to tow will vary depending on who is packing and towing :). How much water will you have in the tanks? Water is heavy—it weighs over 8 lbs. per gallon and the T3 can carry a lot of water. I’m a solo traveler so I may not carry as much stuff as a couple who is traveling in a T3 full-time. I plan to tow mine with a Ram 2500 diesel. I don’t think I’d be comfortable towing it with a 1/4 ton pickup.


I wouldd start a new thread on your unit after posting a picture here to chronicle your adventures, modifications etc like I have for my Karavan. Link in my signature


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