Johny5's stealth camper van


I like the GMs too . The converion is not bad but you have to so a some cutting and welding .
I daily drive my van and love having a bed and bath room where ever I go. We have been getting a lot of snow latley and the van is doing great in the snow.


Could the same conversion be done to a box truck?

like this?
Quigley does 4x4 those GM box trucks with some restrictions, I agree about a good choice for home built camper. I would however like a straight axle like most people and love Jonnys vans.


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This is the simple transmission mount .

I also had my buddy plasma cut out some new clean radius arm mounts for the frame . I'll get more pic of these shortly .
I'm planing on another conversion after this one so I wanted a kit

do you have those brackets for sale ?

I love your van
awesome fab skills
what transfer case did you use ?

thank you


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Never mind found it

Thanks guys .
The tcase is a manual shift np 241 from a 90's chev pu . The adapter is from the same .
It's all bolt on but you have to cut 3 inches off the output of the tranny and 5/8 off the t case input .
Also made a new tranny mount but a guy can probably modify the stock one .
I'll have more pics up soon.


photo-phucket wants $450 per year for third party hosting from account holders with previously free or cheap, so the interwebs has been broken.

Google is your friend.


You can download a plugin for firefox or google chrome that will allow you to see all of the pics. I put up a post somewhere in here about it, do a quick search for "photobucket fix" and it should pop up.
Not only can I now see the pictures through Chrome but Firefox, which i usually use was causing my computer to be SUPER SLOW!!! You sir are my new Computer repair man, THANK YOU!! (my computer guy couldn't figure it out.. BTW)


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Looks like you added a crossmember back in under the engine... I have cut the crossmember out and am trying to decide if am going to replace it somehow, or how I am going to reinforce the motor mount area if not. Any pictures of how you fit that crossmember?


I have tons of but finding them will take a while to find . Basicly I cut cross member flush to bottom of frame then plate them back in . I weld 4 stover nuts on the inside of the filler plates . Then I make matting plates that bolt on . Then some tube tying them together