International 4700 Build ( I may have lost my mind along the way)


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G'day Everyone,

I am new to here, and figured I would share my project. Well about six years ago I purchased a rather strange vehicle, a 1991 E350 Diesel Ambulance. While I am not a paramedic nor an emt, I jsut had to have it. I have spent years making it the ultimate camper rig ever made (in my eyes). I have installed a four battery system, a 6.5kw generator, by-pass oil filtration system, lots of LED lighting, solar panels, Microwave, a 30 amp electrical system and just lots of camper type stuff. It has been a great rig, and I have driven it through the woods, even side swiped a tree taking all the lights off one side! The box is all welded construction 1/8" thick aluminum by Road Rescue. With some reconfiguration, all the cabinets and compartments are very useful. Now comes chapter two. The Ford chassis has some rust and body rot, as well as worn front end components. I decided to move up to a medium duty class 6 truck. While home on leave from Iraq I purchased a 1994 International 4700 powered by a DTA360. After removing 18 feet of frame and moving the rear axle to 185" off the back of the cab it is almost ready to accept the box from the Ford Chassis. I still need ot mount rear shocks and cover some frame mount issues. I will gets pics up of the project. After the box transplant I will begin collecting parts to put Rockwell axles under it and a transfer case, so it will be a 4X4. Anyone know where I can fine 6 Lug Bud wheels from a 2 1/2 tonne military truck? I am open to suggestions in my build to make it better.

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"The Bear Necessities"
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You might try for wheels. My guess is, if he doesn't have them, or can't get them, he will know who can.


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You could find the front Eaton, Spicer, or similar axle from another 4x4 IH and not have to change over the wheels.