Interesting midsize truck comparison / test


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I don't think my issue is that 4WD is a PITA vs AWD. It's more to do with the fact that trucks are inherently light in the back end and the back ends can 'step out' in icy conditions unless properly weighted down.

Tires, shocks, driver skill, and tires should be improved first. Before ever considering adding weight. Weight will make the truck slide less often, but it'll slide further.

Patches of snow and dry pavement, means 2wd. With really good tires, I notice no problems keeping up with Subaru's in the snow belt.

As usual, I suggest Cooper Stt's. Once up to speed, I can switch out of 4wd without any issues at all in any kind of icy conditions.


Another one. Thought I'd post it here instead of starting a new thread. I'm surprised the Taco wasn't even part of the test. Also surprised the gladiator or the Ranger didn't do better.
I'm surprised the chevy won, not sure which I like better.

I had a Subaru on blizzacks and my 2500 chevy on blizzacks. The Subaru was better at driving fast, because of course it just plain handled better than a pickup. It's relatively low torque and good grip meant you didn't even need to adjust for the inclement roads unless they were straight up ice or 6+ inches of snow.
Rough frozen snow or snow over a foot deep the truck is better because you'd burn up the clutch in the Subi.

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I'm surprised the chevy won, not sure which I like better.
I was too. Not to say I think the Colorado is a bad truck. Just surprised that the oldest design etc beat out the newer trucks.

(Yes, the Ranger dates back to 2012 but you know what I mean....)