How often do you disconnect?


So I got a quick response from my email to JKS.

Here's the link to the springs (combo pack of all three so you can mix & match):

They also sell them individually:

Seems like they have different links for different Jeeps (TJ vs. JK, etc.).

Here's one for the new JL (that includes all three pairs of springs):

I'm assuming you can totally fine tune it with different colored springs to get it just-right (say a red and a blue).

I sent JKS an email asking if the springs were universal between the different sway bar links (they said they are). I'm not the sway bar link expert; I don't know which Jeep application would be best (or most easily modified) for a non-Jeep application like a Toyota. I don't know end link lengths, eye hole diameters, etc. But there must be a reason they have different part numbers for different model Jeeps. I'd bet if you went to a 4WD shop, they'd have some old end links they'd be willing to give you so could compare with your non-Jeep's links as far as length and mounting points.
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Gosh - out of my league here! :)

I just drive my Jeep on scenic dirt roads to cool places and almost never disconnect the sway bar. Seem to get where I want to go anyway. If I sought out tougher routes, I'd disconnect more often. I'd probably disconnect it more often if I just had a pushbutton on the dash to disconnect it too.

Just throwing this out there, 'cause I'm sure there are some newer folks to our world, who might think from the comments on this thread, that disconnecting the sway bar is mandatory for any dirt road travel. Nope. :) It has benefits to be sure, but for just driving dirt & gravel roads to cool places, I honestly don't see the need. Then again, I almost never use my front locker either, again, just not necessary to get where I want to go.

Regards, Guy

Ditto ditto ditto to all the above from Guy.
I drive kinda like Guy describes. I do admire the knowledge that many folks have about suspension and handling etc, and am not making fun of it at all. Guess I better get the manual out of the glove box and read up on what that switch does on my JKU.
(The problem is that at 79 years old I am kinda tired of learning stuff. Just want to go play easy..)