Hannibal Roof top tent and LR3/4 rock sliders


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I am interested in the tent and live in Idaho. How far are you from the state line on 15? I might be interested in the sliders too, if you still have them.

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I still have both the tent and the sliders. I'll make a great deal for you if you'd like both. I'm probably 3 hours from the border - live in Heber City


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Give me your best price for each and separately. Is the tent 48"x 96"? My wife thinks we need a bigger tent. It is for our daughters as it will be going on top of a Mantis Camper so that we have more room inside.

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Can you meet me at the ID/UT state line this weekend? I will do $250 for the sliders and offer $500 for the tent. PM me to work out details.

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