Gift of Life Adventure - The Long road to Organ Donation Awareness DrivingTheAmericas


FOr the past 3 years post my Kidney donation, I have been overlanding from India around the world in my Toyota Fortuner and DAF Leyland truck talking to people in groups and individuals about organ donation along the way. So far I have clocked about 300 days on the road across 41 countries and about 85000kms on the ODO. I am now embarking on my next adventure driving NORTH and SOUTH AMERICA in my New Jersey registered 2014 Land Cruiser (which is being modified as I write now). The journey begins Spet 1 for 150 days. NYC - Montreal - Alaska - Ushuiah (Argentina) - San Diego - Denver - Chicago - Dallas - Florida - NYC. 55000kms and many speeches. we are on Insta and FB and youtube with the same name - Gift of Life adventure