Gen 3 resonator?


Has anyone removed the rear tail pipe resonator on a gen 3? At least that's what I/m assuming it is. Is it louder, by how much?

I'm building a rear plate bumper and would like to remove the resonator and just stab a straight pipe though the plate bumper.



Mine was removed several years ago, it was not louder with the stock muffler. I now (3 months ago) have a Flowmaster 40, truck is slightly louder than stock. I had a full CAT back exhaust built by a local shop.


I removed the resonator when I replaced the suitcase-sized, stock muffler with a reasonable sized unit.
Removing the resonator certainly made the exhaust note louder, but not obnoxious in my opinion.

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I too did an aftermarket exhaust from the outlet of the cat back in my 2006 Montero. The stock setup broke at the inlet joint of the original muffler (due to corrosion) so I removed it up to the cat. I think it has a flow master muffler without the stock resonator and it's loud. My wife and kids both hate going anywhere in this rig, I don't mind it, but it is much louder than stock.


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I removed the oem muffler for a MagnaFlow and left the stock resonator and it sounds awesome still quite but you can hear a difference and more room underneath the truck