Gazelle Tent or Kodiak Canvas?


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Let's be clear about this. Kodiak is not a similar tent. It's a Springbar ripoff. They made the same tent, once the patent expired, with worse canvas. Buy the real thing and bask in the amazing feeling of supporting a USA business with stellar customer service. As in: I walked my 29 year old tent into Kirkhams and they replaced the entire roof panel for free. Your choice..
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I mentioned that Springbar was the originator of the design. The reason I have a Kodiak instead of a Springbar was due to a long wait for the size I wanted.


You’ve considered an Oz but It is, and they are too long for packing efficiently. Have you considered OZ’s Jet tent 25x? It packs down to 48”. We have been using one for base camping for over 4 years. A tension spring broke and OZ sent me two of the immediately.


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I highly recommend the Gazelle, I've been using my T3 for about six months now and I absolutely love it. It's comfortable with the missus, our dog, and myself, along with our stuff. Anymore people, though, and I'd recommend the next size up for sure. Setup time cannot be beat, some heavier duty stakes and you're good to go.


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actually the springbar and kodiak are both copies of an old coleman tent View attachment 568584View attachment 568584View attachment 568584
Nice tent. From what I've read, Coleman licensed the design from Jack Kirkham, Sr. (Springbar) in the 1960s, a few years after Jack started selling them in 1961.

See post 12 here. I checked the Springbar website and they haven't updated their About page, so this is the best I could find. Seems legit:

"Coleman got into the tent business when they purchased a tent manufacturer named Canvas Specialty Products in late-1965, so the first Coleman tent models would have been part of their 1966 product line, and correct, Coleman licensed the Springbar patents from Kirkham's (aka AAA Tent & Awning, aka Springbar). I have owned every manner of Coleman (springbar models in canvas and the later spun-poly fabric), Coleman canvas & spun-poly cabin models, and canvas springbars from Kirkham's.
I agree with John the Coleman models are good to very-good in terms of overall construction. The Kirkham's springbars are on a whole different level of quality however, and are excellent, and the best made tents out there in my opinion, and as n9zes discovered firsthand himself (and congrats to you on your new tent by the way!)."
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