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Crestline Ambulance. Looks 1/2 decent. Rockers are rusty... for $3000 CDN it’d be worth a look.
On FB market place.


That is cheap in real money (jj) with low mileage.
I have owned a few 97s and 98s and they always seem to be geared for great pickup. Almost fast stock.

All 7.3s are great but before 2001 they had forged internals. Only around 120,000 mile. At 1500 cdn with 1500 USD in rust repairs that should be a deal.

NAFTA is supposed to make it legal to import but you may want to make sure. Ford corporate will issue an emissions certification letter for around $10.

My last 2wd transmission rebuild was $2500
Haha, MTB, Moab, and yoga studio stickers, are you at the SLC Pick n pull?
Close, Idaho Falls iPull. I thought that length of ABS pipe was for fishing poles, but it had a cap on the high side and a valve on the low side, so I think it was meant to fill with water and be used as a shower, sort of neat/weird.


Oh nice, a junkyard shower could be useful. When I was in costa rica a few years back it seemed like everyone had one of those setups. Simple beach/jungle shower/wash. Nice use of gravity with that van setup. Most have a pressure valve or similar.




> > SOLD to a happy new owner and fellow forum member. I am leaving it up to them to share their identity:) < <
Greetings all.
Accrete's Chevy AWD Van is now listed on CL in Las Vegas - asking $29.5K

I just created an add that i listed in the Las Vegas Craigs List as it is the closest metro area to our little desert oasis located one hour north of the LV Airport in Pahrump Nevada.

Here is the link to the CL Listing that includes interior images also.

It has an updated more fine-tuned listing of the mods i mentioned in my prior post.

Thanks for any views!
PS, this is for my chevy van build that i created a thread over at the Sportsmobile Forum called: "Accrete's Chevy AWD van build" My build thread is at this link 01TCLAWD_van.jpeg02TCLAWD_poliglowFull.jpg
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Wow, the iconic Accrete adventure van is for sale :)
Your van was a huge inspiration for my sourcing a Chevy Express AWD.
Your build is an awesome development on the express platform.
It will be a lucky buyer to pounce on this amazing deal.
I take it you are enjoying the Promaster?
What might be your next adventure rig?


I take it you are enjoying the Promaster?
What might be your next adventure rig?
THX so much for your kind words.
Yes the Promaster is a fun rig. Though for us, we are loving the more settled life on our property and in our Tiny House on foundation. Wife is doing so much gardening, she is a happy camper right in her back yard... as we look at the ~12K' peak of Mount Charleston from the front yard : )


I wanted to share that the Chevy Express AWD Van has been sold. They happy new owner is actually a fellow Van Lifestyle acquaintance that followed my van build over the years. My wife and i are very happy for the new owners, and wish them many fun adventures!

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