For Sale again. 1998 4x4 Diesel Ford E350 Class C SRW Flagstaff AZ


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Also has a walk through now.

OK here is what you wanted to do a quick check on.

SOLD to a great couple from Flagstaff. If you see them getting about don't be afraid to say hi.

Partial trades considered. I need something to take me from home to the airport, must have good AC. Must be under 6' 1" (parking garage height at the airport). Especially favorable towards jeep wranglers, pickups, Audi's and I might even consider a Prius. Value of trade up to $10,000.

Delivery: We can discus delivery, probably for fuel and airfare. Will either be by me or a trusted retiree.

Teaser photo.


The vehicle-

Title re classified from commercial to motorhome class C.
134,000 miles approximately
Quigley factory 4x4 conversion. (drop shipped from Ford when new before it was put into service)
7.3 Powerstroke Diesel
4R100 HD Ford heavy duty rebuilt transmission.
Dana 60 front axle.
Dana 70 rear axle
BD 4407 Transfer case.
SRW (Single Rear Wheel) conversion to 19.5 " wheels with commercial duty tires. (5000lb rating per tire)
Twin alternators.
3 batteries
Total AC system check and repair. (new compressor, filter/dryer, orifice valve, flush and recharge)
New manifold to turbo up pipes with exhaust wrap.
New front hubs, bearings, rotors and pads. (danatrac hubs)
Replaced the under valve cover wiring harnesses with the updated ford parts.


This is the extended ambulance (21 inches longer wheel base than a normal ford EB van)
Total respray (some AZ pin striping)
Area lighting still works as does some of the red flashers.

GVRW 14050
Rear 9450
Front 4600

22' Long x 8' 1" W x 8' 8" to the highest point.


New custom built sleeper sofa (folds out to somewhere between full size and queen approx 4 feet wide)
Replaced drivers and passengers seats with new leather ones.
Basic water setup, sink, manual pump/mains faucet, storage tank and drain.
A few cabinets reworked to fit plastic bins for storing clothes etc.
The rest is standard as it worked well for our purposes.
Currently it is configured with a Honda console/ jump seat in the cab. This will be removed before the vehicle is sold (clips in/out). It can be provided with the vehicle but it does not have any seat belts.
Porta Pottie.

Know Issues

Glow Plug Relay, I believe it needs to be replaced. There is a new one sitting in the vehicle but it is too hot to need it or to install it at the moment.
Cruise control does not work.
It is a 1998 vehicle so expect some wear and tear, nothing notable but I am sure you could find it.
Evidence of oil under the body. Showing on the back diff but not dripping or anything like that. Either the back of the transfer case or the diff pinion seal are weeping. Again it does not "leak" but there is evidence that some oil is escaping somewhere there.

Does not come with the winch and bumper shown in the photos. It will have a modified stock ford bumper. Photos to follow this weekend.

OK its the Brown one :)



Heavy Duty 4R100 Brochure copy.jpg

Wrapped exhaust to keep momma's leg cooler. Also checkout how clean that bell housing on the 4R100 HD transmission is.


View attachment 182906

And before everyone asks "Why are you selling it??"
Our plan is to use our vehicle for an extended multi part trip through Central America, South America and Africa. This was to be our vehicle dedicated to that task with a view to taking a couple of months per year and then leaving the vehicle to fly home, work and all that stuff. But we want to take our grand daughter with us and she is getting too big to fit in the middle seat. So we will be building up something with either a double cab or a larger single cab.

The replacement will probably be this *

i-s8cQTbG-S.jpg i-Jz86BF3-S.jpg
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place 2

Detailed photos this weekend.

This is when I ran it over the scales. No camping gear but full 55 gallons of fuel.

Ford Ambo Weigh Bridge Print.jpg
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Big ol' bump for a rig I have seen in person a number of times and always liked.

Folks this is a ready to camp rig that would be great for anyone wanting more space in the backcountry and to be 100% protected from weather.

Good luck with the Sale and can't wait to see the replacement in person.
Also make sure you post it on and craigslist (many people do national craigs searches looking for stuff)


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Detailed photos on hold until I can find the camera charger.

But to keep things interesting here are a couple of iPhone pics.

This machine has plenty of storage inside and out.

Front seat have been replaced with new leather ones.

Removable items are not included in the sale. All items included are listed in the 1st post in this thread.
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Sorry didn't get home until it was dark. But here are a couple of photos anyway (crappy iPhone in the dark being used by a blind old bugger type photos)

Sofa in seating position.

Sofa in sleeping position. It is 52" wide and 73" long with total available length of 80".

This is a bench we use as either a kiddo bed or just to sit on when everyone gathers inside. It is about 18" wide by 52" long. Folds down out of the way when not needed. Highly technical 2 pieces of 3/4 pipe for legs that screw into a base plate.

Straight in the side door.

Really fuzzy shot from the back.



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More photos and info.

I also need to add that this rig has hydrostatic brake boost (off the power steering instead of vacuum pump) and also has an external HD transmission cooler and inline transmission fluid filter.

Some pics of the body stuff.

Fenders modified for the larger wheels.

Bit of an ouch on the right rear corner.

Great mirrors, remote adjust and actually usable.

Plenty of storage. Rear drivers side cabinet is accessible from inside or outside.

The tow hitch is for carrying stuff only. I have used it for towing but it is definitely not a class 2/3 hitch. It is bolted to a solid cross member but I have no way of certifying its capacity.

2 of the 3 batteries (1 under the hood).

Storage in stairwell. Originally fire extinguisher mount.



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OK I have had a couple of questions about the mileage so I will post it here for all to see.

Depends on how fast you want to go :smiley_drive:

Running dirt roads with a trailer and sidecar rig we got about 12 -14. Open road at +75 I can drop it to 10 if I keep the pedal down and hammer up the hills.

Taking it easy on the highway and secondary roads with no trailer 12 - 15 (The 15 was all downhill I suspect, we were coming from Utah back to Phoenix).

On some long slow dirt road crawls the scan gauge I had on there showed around the 7 - 8. But that was all 1st and 2nd gear at altitude.

These were all in full camping mode. 40 gallons water, generator, food etc and all our bodies and gear.

SO the answer is the best I have ever got was 17 the worst was 7. (man with answers like this I should be in politics :eek: )
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Poptop for it

Just in case someone is worried about the head height I also have a top off a Chinook that can go with the ambo if desired. My intention was to fit it so that we could have a lot more head room and the ability to have a penthouse bed like a sportsmobile. But it worked out fine without the poptop for us.



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Very basic water system installed.

OK I installed a basic water system (sink, pump tap, storage tank and mains water inlet). Taking it tomorrow to see if I can get the title changed from incomplete cab chassis to motorhome. Used a jerry can type of water tank so it can be disconnected and taken to the tap/filter water supply or filled with a 20 liter water jug down south. Black container is for gray (grey) water. Drain exits into wheel well but can be rerouted to the container if local rules dictate.



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Now officially titled as a motorhome. (cheaper rego and insurance as well as being able to insure it for more when you head to Mexico

Van Title extract.jpg


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Will be in LA 8th - 10th of SEP if you want to check it out.

Traveling to LA for work so I will be taking the rig. Looking at leaving Phoenix very early Tuesday morning. Heading back to Phoenix Thursday evening. Willing to make some detours and meet up with prospective buyers.


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What size is it.

I have had the question a few times so I will throw the measurements here and in the initial post.

Ambo Measurements.jpg